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  1. Thanks Mario! I'll do just that and get started on sanding haha. Thanks again!
  2. Bright suns troopers! Just had my BBB day, and could not be more excited about this build! Love the look of the Rogue One TK's and looking forward to being able to troop as one someday (if I'm ever allowed to leave my house again) For the bucket I purchased a Black Series helmet that I am in the process of converting. I'll upload some photos hopefully here in the next couple days. As of right now I have filed out all the slots, but was unhappy with how they turned out. So with some help from some Bondo I've filled them back in and have an idea of a way to do those parts differen
  3. TB 44815 requesting access. Question, do you need to have a TK finished to have access to this? I have a TB and am planning on doing a R1 TK.
  4. Hey all, just looking for recommendations for what you guys use and like as far as undersuits go. Trying to finish up my ANH TK and this is the last thing I need to get haha. Thanks so much!
  5. So, I haven't got pictures right now to post of it, but I have just finished trimming and sanding all the pieces. Kinda unsure of how to proceed...I'm assuming it's time to size the armor to myself and trim it to a size that will fit me? (I'm a bit on the "little short for a stormtrooper" size at 5'6".) Not really sure haha. Any advice is welcome on how to go forward!
  6. The photo is sideways, but obligatory photo with the bucket on
  7. Hey everyone! So this is my first time posting anything on the forums here. I have just lurked around trying to make a decision on what armor to purchase for a while. BUT! I finally took the plunge last week when an unexpected opportunity presented itself. Someone was selling their unopened Anovos armor for the same price that it would cost to order from Anovos themselves. The perk obviously being that ordering from this person would not take an indefinite amount of time before I would receive the kit. I just got the kit and will probably start trimming tomorrow. But I thought that first I'd
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