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  1. I signed up for a Star Wars Reads troop at a local library next week. They want us to read to the kids, which sounds like a ton of fun! I loved reading to my daughter when she was itsy. Since I have a week to repair things, I decided to be brave, kit up, and try to SIT DOWN. And I did! No breakage, snappage, or crackage. My butt is still 1 piece and shiny. Or maybe I just got lucky. But I did it! I had to post a proof pic. Now to practice reading and turning pages in my bucket and gloves.
  2. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm blown away at how nicely it came out. Side note: to download an entire thingiverse fileset, remember to add /zip to the end of the URL. This prevents you from being forced to watch the 5-15 second ad for EVERY. single. downloadable file. Thingiverse has declared war on their users in the past couple weeks.
  3. First troop of 2022 - a pediatric COVID vaccination clinic at the local children's hospital. They required fully vax'd and boostered troops.... and not many showed up. A TK and a Jawa (me and my daughter), a Scout, a Clone and a Mandalorian merc rounded out the event. But we tried to do the Emperor's good work for the HUNDREDS of kids that showed up. We chatted with kids during their 15 minute wait after getting shot and most were entertained. I didn't get many pix and it was rather exhausting TBH, but any troop I get to do with my daughter is a good one. Her 2nd troop. First with the sound glove, which kids were terrified by. "OMG IT TALKS!!!" Accidentally locked out.
  4. This is extremely serendipitous. I was just cleaning printers in the shop thinking about the original replica blasters vs real Sterlings. Crazy coincidence since I hadn't yet looked at the forum. Also, beautiful post and fantastic info!
  5. My build thread deserved to be updated with my Blaster thread. Power Cylinders: I finally get to troop with the new blaster and armor upgrades tomorrow. Am excite.
  6. I highly recommend the amber lens. It's like the cherry on top of the E-11 cake. (mine above)
  7. Someone more knowledgeable about the exact measurement than me should weigh in ( @T-Jay or @justjoseph63 ?) But I believe this monocular has the correct size lenses for your scope. https://www.amazon.com/Telescope-Adjustable-High-Power-High-Definition-Travelling/dp/B09JWBP8X5 It looks just like the one I used in mine, but I managed to not get the measurement off the side before I cut it apart. If it is the right one, it's gonna look much much nicer than anything a printer could produce.
  8. I've never run one down, so I'm not sure. After 4 hours of continuous use one was still going strong. I keep a couple spares in my bucket bag but haven't needed one yet. I had to look it up. Yours is 180 grams. The lipstick ones are less than half that at 80.
  9. If I may humbly suggest, get yourself a huge roll of velcro. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00006RSP1 I got the 15ft x 2in roll. It made my helmet build so much more enjoyable. I never worried about having enough or running out. I redid the velcro inside my bucket at least 3 times and re-wrapped SHAs and iCOMMs a couple times. I think I have about 7 feet left after using it like crazy and wasting it whenever I needed or wanted to. Most of my bucket is lined with the hook/rough side. The helmet padding can then be applied anywhere since it sticks nicely to the hook veclro. I have no padding at the very top of my bucket and instead just use the loop/fuzzy side velcro up there. It sounds counterintuitive but it's actually much more comfy than having the big round helmet pad up there.
  10. That thing is TEN THOUSAND mAh, not 1000. So it's pretty big and would likely power helmet fans for days. Seriously. Gonna be rather heavy too. I have a lipstick power bank in my bucket. Anker Powercore Mini 3500. It's very light (80 grams), tiny (95x23x23mm) and fits easily behind the vocoder. The one annoying thing is the power button. You have to turn the Anker on and then you can turn your fans on. I've got some knockoff lipstick power banks that don't require the extra button push, but are getting a bit old and not lasting quite as long as they could. The Powercore mini was possibly discontinued and is getting a bit hard to find. They're still on ebay for about $15USD each. Also, amazing job on those thigh garters!! Looks extremely secure and comfy too.
  11. Looking good Tom!!! Welcome to the Empire. The one thing that stuck out to me was the Thermal Detonator. Your O is pointing towards noon, or maybe even a little past. The O should be more visible. The TD can also be a bit more centered on your belt. (images borrowed from @gmrhodes13 who shared the same advice with me in my own build thread. ) I literally unrolled mine a little bit to get the O at the correct rotation. Very easy to do.
  12. Thank you all! I'm feeling the love. But huge thanks to @T-Jay and @justjoseph63 . This blaster would be nothing like how it turned out without the two of you. @Scimitar is sending me his Quest Design E-11 for metal folding stock fitment. And I'll need a place to post pix. Might as well put them in here.
  13. If you really want some sign vinyl to make templates with, Oracal 651 is the best in my opinion. It's thicker than the 751&951 (easier to cut and lay), less expensive than those other 2, and conforms extremely well to a surface. It leaves little to no residue behind. It's a world better than hobby vinyl you might find at a local craft store. You can likely get a tiny roll of 651 on Amazon for a few dollars, especially if you don't care what color you're using. You could also try a sign shop nearby and ask if they have some extra scraps around. Source: I own a print shop and have killed miles of vinyl.
  14. Now that I'm in a browser and see you're in El Paso... Check out Dicks Sporting Goods for compression tops and pants. The DSG house brand is what I use and it's fantastic. I especially like the thigh pocket that hides right under the armor and holds my phone securely. Under Armor is also great and widely used.
  15. While I *did* check it for level last week, I discovered today that the counter has a bit of adjustability in how it's mounted. It can angle a few degrees with a little force. And now it's straight again. Thanks for the keen eye! I might post round 2 here!
  16. Thanks!! It's the photo. I obsessed over the counter level. It's aligned exactly flat relative to the top barrel surface.
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