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  1. They told me that they are hoping to get the first ones out till Christmas and the rest till celebration Chicago. Its so crazy that they told us September 2016 was the date for the premium kits and the weeks after the pre order back in the day they told us that this much higher price is also because of the clearly earlier delivery compared to the Standard kits. Hopefully this will be the last delay for all of us who preordered
  2. Again sad news guys : I'm glad your fine and sorry about the weather winter is coming over there I'm sure, and the FO kits are now due January-April 1st so I hope to hear something after the new year and the vests I'm told are still coming this season so they should be going out soon November 27 - December 21. as for any other info the team has been really quite about stuff they have yet to tell us here anything more sorry to say! That came from the chat from Anovos Aimdate for delivery was September 2016 and they clearly missed that
  3. I think I will wait the additional time now also if I am angry. The things they delivered are very good and I am sure the Premium kit will be too. A few months wont make a change. It´s crap that they are ´´lying´´ but I just hope they deliver than
  4. What wonders me even more is why the Premium Ensemble is set for summer and the Kit for Fall. I guess shipping the kit will be much easier because the is no need for pre assembling or am I wrong ? And when I ordered the Kit it was the first day of Pre-Order and many others Pre-Ordered after me and I guess it is be first-first served and not the Ensembles in general at first also when I ordered the kit days before someone ordered the ensemble.
  5. Is here anyone else who ordered the Premium Kit ?
  6. Really ? I just hope now that they deliver it by the time they promised now and than it is ok for me but no more delays. One more and Anovos will done for me. I really dont get why Lucasfilms gave such a company the rights and license to produce these items with delays over delays.
  7. Yeah I know that there are people who are waiting much longer than I do (Snowtrooper for example) but why do they not communicate better with us with. When they are honest I think its better than saying : ´´Yeah the Kit will come this month`` and then like ups it will be another 5-6 months. For me it looks like there is no communication inside the Company with customer support and the guys who produce these items, One thing I am extremely angry about is that the Standard Kit is estimated for an earlier delivery date. It would be great if that date is fix but I paid over 2000$ for that Kit and they told me that the price is also because a much earlier delivery date and this fact isnt given any more. So maybe refund of a few dollars would be great
  8. Last time there were some problems with the helmets and they told me that was the only problem they had and they should be redone by one or two months. That was at the beginning of the year.
  9. Thats for sure At the moment I could explode because I really dont get it. They tell us everything is fine and then BOOM half a year delay.
  10. What I really dont get it why the Premium Kit is delayed again and not a bit. Fall 2017 and the customer support told me that everything is fine and June delivery should work. I have no idea why the communication inside the Anovos is so bad they promise you that it will work and then there is again a major delay. Especially the Premium Kit is now estimated for later delivery than the later announced Standard Kit and one thing they pointed out from the beginning was that one piece of the higher price was the much earlier delivery date and that is clearly not given any more. They wanted to produce then in the US to get the Kits to us earlier and I am not sure if they are really produced there or in China. A few people from the support told me now that they are made overseas and a few moments later they said like ´´oh sorry no in the US´´. I really dont get what Anovos wants to achieve with that.
  11. The backpack is from Jimmi over at the RPF he also produces many Kits of the new movies . I can send you the link via private message if you want to. But it is a hell of a lot of work to get it smooth and clean up all the details. A friend of mine is a professional painter and there were more than 10 steps with sanding priming and filler over and over again
  12. I am not allowed to give you his email Adress but he wrote me that and the company who produced them should have finished their major deal for the movie and they should be working on the Premium Kit now Hopefully Q1 will work for us who ordered the Kit back in June and July.
  13. Small Update for you guys. First Order Heavy Gunner Jakku Backpack is now painted in white gloss Maybe I will have to repaint it because it´s a bit to shiny in my opinion but I will decide that in the coming days It was a really hard job to get it that smooth and I hope you like what you see. When I am happy with gloss I will start with the Black parts of the backpack next week. F11-D Heavy Gunner Version and SE44-C are also finished with lights installed beside a few small adjustements. I am still waiting for my Premium First Order Kit to Arrive and I also ordered the Heavy Gunner Vest and the Pauldron from Anovos. I hope to have some serious updates for you soon.
  14. I also ordered back in June and now we went from September 2017 to Q1 2017. Sad to see this heavy delay especially because we paid that much for an early delivery . I was in contact with Joe Salcedo CEO of Anovos and he told me I guess 2 months ago that the molds are ready but the company who produces the Kits had an major new deal for a movie so the Kits were delayed . Last thing I've heard from him is 5 weeks ago when he wrote me that It's just vacu forming plastic and everything is ready and they will ship before Christmas eventually. That will not happen I guess.
  15. Heavy Artillery Vest is also for pre-order now What do you guys think ? I pre-ordered it and I want some comments about it what you guys think. Is it worth the money and is it accurate ? Would be great to get some comments about it https://www.anovos.com/collections/star-wars-the-force-awakens/products/i-star-wars-i-first-order-heavy-artillery-vest-accessory-pre-order
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