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  1. Awesome stuff so far. I'm also looking forward to your progress.
  2. That's a great idea! I've been looking at the Reserve Pilot as it seems pretty straight forward and can be used as part of the Tie Pilot as well. I'll head over to the Titan forums and introduce myself! Excited to meet you all.
  3. I got the standard this time. Next one will likely be premium/fiber glass.
  4. Hi! I just joined and similarly caved at Celebration! There seems to be quite a few impatiently waiting folks here
  5. Greetings from Seattle! I've never built armor but have seen several kits built up from friends in the 501st. I was at Celebration this year and finally caved. I purchased a set of FO-TK armor from ANOVOS at the con. I'm very aware of ANOVOS's delivery record from friends that purchased armor from them but I'm a patient guy so we'll see. I actually purchased a FO TK Helmet from the Star Wars Cargo Bay in Hollywood Studios during Galactic Nights (annual passholder discount ftw). They quoted me 5-10 week delivery and 5 days later it was at my door! So until the armor gets here, I am going to kit out the helmet with all the awesome gear you can add. How accurate is the ANOVOS FO TK helmet to what's necessary for basic 501st approval? Any help there would be appreciated. Anyways! I'm excited to join the community. Everyone here seems passionate and helpful! See everyone out there! EDIT: Spelling (derp)
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