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  1. Hey, yes the whole thing is continually being worked and re-worked - trying to get it as close as I can :/ I actually fully moulded the ab plate and cast it before releasing I'd made a pretty big mistake on it. Which was upsetting lol Hi, thank you so much! Yep all good observations... the cod piece to me is the biggest problem and I'll be re-doing that again and again until it's right. Thank you for the input I really wish I'd posted here a little sooner, please keep an eye out for future development. Anything that helps me makes it more accurate I'm all for! Hey JAFO!!! Thank you, it's still the same kit just being tweaked constantly. The cod piece is ironically being a real pain on nuts lol!!! But it's been cut up an reshaped again so hopefully next time you see it it will be correct I might PM you at some point about your belts JAFO, I'm starting to source the rest of my suit. Thank you everyone, amazing response, I didn't expect that.
  2. Hey everyone, so weve been working on this for a few months now and finally decided its worth sharing here... Let me know what you think! Thank you
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