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  1. When will we be getting a full Beskar CRL for Mando?
  2. Hi all! When is The Mandolorian getting added to the 501st library? Thanks!
  3. Hello! What would you lovely people recommend for a FOTK budget paint job?
  4. The problem is im almost 6 feet tall and i am like 180 lbs i might be too big
  5. Your photobucket pics aren’t working anymore. any chance you could fix it?
  6. Thanks that looks great I’m working on the money hopefully it’s still available when I get it. if not I will probably just order a kit from KB props. ✌️
  7. Hello there! i have been looking all around the for sale section for a FOTK armor Kit and I can’t find one : ( does anyone know where I can? This is my first build so I’m kind of lost, though I did read all of the newcomer stuff. so that helped!
  8. Hey I’m new and I am in the market for a FO TK set. Being a student I am on a tight budget. And will take anything and put in any amount of work to get approval. Sorry, I don’t know if this is the right area to post this. Thank you! love, gonky p.s. gonk....gonk...gonk....
  9. Hey guys I’m new here I don’t have a costume yet but I’m working on putting the money together to get one! I was wondering when you will be able to go as the mando from the new Disney plus tv show for the 501st?
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