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  1. Looking at the RS Sniper Knee and I'm not 100% sure where to start. It seems like such a small thing, but getting where the cut should be and degree angles seems a little hard to figure out. I've been looking for references via the RS suit, though trying to figure out how far from each of the last bumps I should cut? Looking at the left side, I'm trying to figure from which CM marker would be the best point... ...Then meeting up to the top of the knee creating a degree cut, (I moved the ruler down to attempt to show the top part ) and figure out where it should roughly go. Is there a set standard I've completely missed?
  2. Thanks @CableGuyDan, That's great info, and no special plans I started with the method you mentioned, but noted a thread with the straps inside so switched over. I did think it was a little odd! http://i1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg556/bigironvault/DSC02643.jpg I've quickly reverted back to the outside from your comments Cheers for pointing it out though. (I'll singe the ends to stop any fraying shortly)
  3. Thanks @Cricket for the tutorials, making progress on the shin closure and it's having great results so far. I may use a heat gun at a later stage to get the last of the gaps closed, but for now, I want to get the build generally complete. The buttons aren't stuck but offered up they're closing very well. (Two of the magnets broke from from the E6000, I've re-scored the middle of the buttons for more grip. Hope it works?!) Top of the cover strip needs re-application of E6000, but it's looking good for just magnets so far. Heat gun in the near future to close the gap. Obtained some 5mm chicago screws and working on the drop boxes. 116mm drop when closed and 25mm from the the top to the screw. Closure system to be researched and added. Again, thinking magnets, but a little more searching on here before I go for it.
  4. Thanks [mention=26586]Cricket[/mention], I saw the metal strip on someones build. I'll reference who it is when I find it. (Cardinal sin not referencing a build [emoji20] ) That sounds like a good idea with the "magnet-to-magnet closure" as it'll utilize what I've already done. I'll have a look at builds and get cracking on that too. The magnets on the outside do go into respective holes which pull to the strip to stop the movement, but I'll definitely be switching to magnet to magnet. Thanks for your thoughts and input, that's really useful. Edit: I found your build and will be following the shin closure to the letter! Thanks https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/46148-howto-crickets-magnetic-shin-closures
  5. After a period of time off, I'm getting back to the build. Babies aye... I feel like with the sniper knee, there's quite a gap between the sniper knee plate and the shin? The sniper plate needs to be trimmed and sanded before attachment too. In terms of calf closure, I've tried going for the magnetic strip method. It works excellent for the first few connections, though at the ankle end, the rigidity of the metal and abs strip wont allow the calf to close. I'm tempted to remove the whole magnetic idea and go for industrial velcro. Going to be working on @gmrhodes13 V-tab method this weekend. The end is in sight I think!
  6. Ah fantastic, I'll definitely be making a pair of those. Thanks for sharing the diagram Sent from my H8216 using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the feedback This is the internal strapping view. I've got the split rivets on the left side, though have a few more snap closures on the right as I'd struggled a few times with the alignment of the front and back plates. I also have 2 additional ones from the butt to kidney plate (5 in total) to try and reduce the flaring. Butt to Kidney Plate Split Rivets view (I went with the lower abdomen cut on the front to allow for better accessibility, Held in place at present with velcro)
  8. So, I've been working slowly on the build. Though got a little stuck on a few bits and wondered if anyone else has encountered similar issues or any comments? So, I've got a few things left. Sniper knee, drop boxes, shoulder straps, calf closure to name a few... Though I'm worried about the abdomen and butt situation. Though this is the current front view. The belt I have feels slightly too tight, which seems to be causing the ab shell to squeeze together and the butt to flare out. Is this the only reason, or do you think the sides could be trimmed? Also, the alignment of the top and bottom of the panel looks abit off? Last picture is showing the general size of the armour, and chest plate on top, with the belt hanging off slightly.
  9. Slowly working on the build and getting very much acquainted with E6000 and painters masking tape. Currently moving onto full body strapping and looking at getting the split rivets in, though with the Ab to Kidney plates being flush, the RS seems to have a slight lip of around 25mm on the Ab plate edge. Is this meant to be removed, or left depending on the size of the individual? I've marked the split rivet placement, though noticed lots of builds removing the lip/overhang where I've marked my rivet placements. Both Cricket's build and Peter's ANH RS Build have removed the slight lip, so I'm leaning towards removing it, just unsure if it's a required change on the RS? Cricket's RS Stunt Build Peters RS ANH Stunt
  10. Thanks Christine and TheSwede! Christine's build WIP is amazing. I've been reading it back to back and looking forward to implementing some of the modifications. I'll have some more photos soon, but massive thanks to you both at this early stage.
  11. Thanks Cricket, I'll get the Spa going soon and get the strapping in. Thanks for the advice Is there meant to be a return edge around neck line on the chest plate?
  12. Hi All, I recently acquired an RS propmasters kit build and getting the general sizing going on. It's feeling a little large on the mid-section with the ab & kidney plates, but wondered what everyone's thoughts were? Height wise it feels ok (I'm 5'9), though maybe a little off the chest neck area to bring the chest up a few centimetres? Also, the butt plate, I'm guessing that needs hot water treatment to curve it inwards, as it's looking ridiculously large. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and apologies in advance for the skinny running legs 45" angles on cover strips due to be cut in, bifurcated rivets inbound too.
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