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  1. Feel free to use it as a reference. I would be honored. I will try to snap a few showing the bracket and the mp3. If they come out well I will share them with you.
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I have been working on the positioning of the biceps and how they fit into the bells. Trial and error with painters tape holding it in place till I get it just right. Once I have it, I may add an elastic piece from the inner bell to the inner bicep. Hopefully that will address the positioning issue. Second, I have also looked at using a little Velcro to help hold the belt in place. Any thoughts? Lastly, Ukswrath, below is a pic of the interior of my bucket. Almost everything is a product of your equipment and hard work. Thank you. You Rock!!!!!! Sounds great and the chatter loop is the finishing touch. I positioned the chatter MP3 just below the frown. Unfortunately you cannot see it. The cooling system bracket hides all the wires for a clean look. Thank you again for the products you sell.
  3. Thank you sir! I will get to work. Thank you for you feedback and assistance.
  4. I am looking for feedback. I would like to go for EIB status soon and eventually go for Centurion in the near future. However, one step at a time. Name: Michael Lederer Requesting -TK11312 Future Garrison: Georgia Garrison Armor maker: RS Propmasters Helmet maker: RS Propmasters – Helmet hardware, @ukswrath mic tips, cooling system bracket, chatter loop, audio system with voice modulation Neck seal maker: RS Propmasters Boot maker: Imperial boots Canvas belt: RS Propmasters Holster: RS Propmasters Gloves and Plates: RS Propmasters Interior strapping: original (RS Propmasters) and snap method Blaster maker: RS Propmasters – Decals for scope from 3DpropsNL Height: 5 feet 11 inches Weight: 195 lbs. Now the Bucket A huge thanks to Ukswrath and his goodies. Now for the sniper pad I think i need to figure out the sizing of the photos. I will work on that. any and all feedback is appreciated.
  5. My name is Michael and I am in great anticipation of the RS Propmasters brown box’s showing up at my front Door. I ordered an RS commissioned ANH helmet and armor and I expect them to arrive in the next few days. I know I cheated and most of the armor is assembled and ready to go. I can’t wait. (that is an understatement) Over the past few weeks I scoured the forums and developed the following list of action items to address with the new armor and helmet. My goal is to gain EIB approval and then go on for Centurion approval. The following are the initial tasks I plan on addressing before submitting for the EIB. With everyone’s experience, please let me know if I am missing anything major? Bucket: Paint the inside of the helmet with Plastidip (not required for EIB or Centurion however I like the look) Trim and position the lenses with SUGRU inside helmet leaving a small gap for ventilation Remove original Hovi tips. Drill and replace with new Hovi Mic Tips. (thanks to UKswrath) Install iComm & Mic system (also thanks to UKswrath) Install Cooling bracket Install chatter loop and wiring (again, thanks to UKswrath) Install Power supply and 4 fans including wiring Install interior padding for comfortable fit Install mesh screen over the interior of the frown Trim Brow strap (Exterior of bucket) Belt: Reposition Ammo Boxes to proper location Add a dash of glue to Ammo Box strapping to keep from shifting and hold in place Trim Ammo belt straps to keep from rubbing on screws (inside of belt) Double check the sizing of the cloth belt where it meets the ABS belt section Thermal Detonator: Paint bracket screws black Shoulder Bells: Trim the return edges of the lower section of both bells so they can rest on the bicep smoothly (top and bottom) I will consider trimming the upper edges of the bell for comfort Forearms: Trim all the return edges closest to the wrist Shoulder Strapping: Cut two white elastic straps, tie and secure on the shoulder straps for cannon Thigh tops: Trim the return edges on the tops of the thighs Knee’s: Sniper knee – trim the sniper knee for authentic cannon look Check the rivet for proper placement on the Ammo knee. It may need to be corrected and replaced for Cannon look. Strapping: I might want to add strapping and even replace the strapping to areas that might have additional stress. Blaster: Add decals picked up on Etsy for the sights on my Blaster Please let me know if I missed anything. Once complete, I hope it will be time for pictures and submission for EIB status. Thanks for any feedback, Michael (future TK)
  6. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the experience.
  7. I am waiting for my RS Propmasters ANH armor and bucket. This site has been a treasure trove of guidelines and teachings. I have started collecting the tools and additional supplies for when the armor arrives. I aspire to reach the TK Centurion level one day. I still remember seeing ANH in the movie theater and being blown away. Future TK Trooper, Michael from GA
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