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  1. Paul from TM (Troopmaster) is making my hero TK helmet and set of armor too. He's great.
  2. Have you tried shortening the strap from the shoulder bell to the strap under your shoulder straps. Seems like they need to be closer into the chest.
  3. Black straps for around the bicep.<br><br> The white elastic is the strap between the chest and back plate under the rigged shoulder straps.
  4. You like the screen accuracy of the AP over your old armor.
  5. Can you share more about the Velcro on the TD, how it attaches to the belt I assume to keep it from being lifted off? I've been wondering how to make it more secure.
  6. I just ordered a TM ANH Hero TK from Paul and likely going to assemble using the original wire strapping system but I wanted to get others thoughts on this method vs. strapping and snap plate method. Please let me know what you think the pros and cons are for each from those who've used them. Christina
  7. I'll send you some pics of what I did for my spring in my blaster on FB. As well a a boot attachment option instead of velcro....
  8. Awesome reference, I'm tall at 6'2" but thin with a small 29" waist so my ab and kidney plates have a 2" overlap on each side. I'm going to cut the overlap and go with a butt join and add the proper rivets on the left.
  9. I heard back from Paul at TM:<br><br> The 1.5mm is standard gloss ABS is the same ABS used for the movie suits. It is lightweight, flexible, with a nice gloss finish and a slight ivory white colour.<br><br> The 2mm has an acrylic capping that makes it extremely glossy. It also makes it a lot more rigid which gives a hard armour feel that some people like. This has a brighter white colour to it.<br><br> Please note: If you want to build a screen accurate suit with the strapping brackets then you want the 1.5mm gloss ABS. If you want to build a basic suit to look good for the public and like the snap strapping system, go for the 2mm. Snap strapping can also be used in the 1.5mm but I would avoid using the brackets on the 2mm.
  10. Thanks for the information very helpful. I'm leaning towards the 1.5mm as my goal is a screen accurate ANH Hero TK.
  11. I'm ordering a TM stormtrooper kit and wanted to get opinions on the 2 finishes available: 1.5mm gloss ABS vs. 2mm acrylic capped ABS. What is better in: Looks? Durability? Ease to work with? If you have any photos to share it would be appreciated. <br> Christina
  12. If it's e6000 it's a "easy fix" remove them rub the glue residue off and redo.<br><br> Sadly by saying easy it's not easy. E6000 is great as with about 20-30 seconds of heat from a heat gun, I used the second temperature setting at 450 degrees. It will soften the glue. I use a 6" drywall spatula. Its really thin and bends so it slides very easy under and corner and into the glue seperating it. Once it's off you can just rub all the glue residue off resand the surfaces a bit and redue it. The not easy part is the heat will have weakened the glue on the inner shim too. I'm not sure if you should strip that one off or not.
  13. Amazing post do much great information here.
  14. I have one and I'm quite happy with it. Being in Canada with the horrible exchange rate and the risk of a blaster being seized at customs having a soultion to buy in Canada sold me on my decision. <br><br> I'm replacing the counter with a functional replica and adding lenses to the scope. As well I build an inner bolt and spring to add inside. <br><br> Brett who makes these is very great to answer questions. I highly recommend it.
  15. Lengthen the belt or get a new belt. My belt has almost 7" of overlapping velcro once closed it doesn't move.
  16. I like the TD look. I know it's a lot of extra effort but in the end it's my dream.
  17. I went the route of buying a previously owned TK set of armor. I've wanted a set of stormtrooper armor since I was 7 years old seeing Star Wars in the drive in. But I was very intimated by the pictures of unboxed photos of all those unassembled pieces of armor. <br><br><br> A friend I work with is a member of the 501st and one day chatting I mentioned my interest in one day getting a set of stormtrooper armor. As luck had it he was building a new TK from AP and was looking to sell his current TK from AM. Shortly their after I was the owner of a completed set of TK armor. <br><br><br> However due to substantial height differences the set would need some modifications. I had to replace the chest piece as it had been cut down and the sholders were cut shorter as well so those were replaced. The big one was the thighs they were 4" too short. So new thighs had to be assembled; not the easiest thing to start out on. In addition to those all the strapping and snap plates needed to be repositioned and replaced. I'm very detail oriented so that made modify the armor etra harder as I wanted to tweak and make it my own so I cleaned up a lot of edges and made my own adjustments they didn't need to be done but for me I needed to do it. <br><br><br> I'm finally in the final stretch just need to complete the shoulder to biceps to forearms strapping. As well as await a new AP helmet coming to me in mid February as that wasn't included in the purchase. <br><br><br> There was a lot of extras that needed to be acquired as the purchase was just for the armor. So boots, belt, neckseal, holster, Undersuit, blaster and gloves all needed to be ordered as well. <br><br> Buying a prebuild TK for me was the right step but the amount of work spent to revise and modify was quite extensive. But I learned so much I'm eager to build abother TK from scratch now after getting my feet wet with my current armor. So this one will eventually become a TD Sandtrooper once I get my new TK Stormtrooper built.
  18. Problem is I need 3 of the top ones and only have 2 and can't find anymore.
  19. Hi I have a question on the ammo belt cap covers, I bought a set of AM armor of a member of the 501st and after lots of armor modifications and re-strapping I'm almost done. I've got down to the belt and the covers that came with it are the bottom 3 in the photo below, but it also came with 2 extra ones as well which seem more accurate to what the majority of people use but I'm short 1 to use those. Question is will the bottom 3 covers be approved by 501st standards? If not where can I get get a 3rd cover --------------
  20. If your foot is narrow you should be good. These are narrow side to side. A little difficult to get on but once on really quite comfortable. <br><br> I wore a size 10 1/2 and ordered a 11 and it is perfect. But thankfully I have a narrow foot.
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