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  1. Welcome to FISD and The Golden Gate Garrison .
  2. Last year I bought my blaster from him and a DLT as a package deal and he sent me the small parts for making it an ANH sorry to hear he stop doing that .
  3. Slave fire in the for sale section he has a great product , keep an eye out for his B grades which are nice too . I got my ESB blaster from slave fire which is (Lewis ) from hyper firm and had him send me the parts also for ANH if I ever wanted to go that route .
  4. I'd like to get thinner material but not the film material this is for a magma trooper lens
  5. I've got a project that I need smoked lens material anybody know where I can find thanks for the help
  6. I did nt need any shimming , but the kit did come with a couple sheets
  7. Nylon but I m redoing in elastic , and few other places and see if it helps with mobility . Play around and see what works for you .
  8. Now remember as the title says I'm a newbie but in my construction I used 1 inch webbing attached with E6000 to all plastic parts . Have had no problems and I've had to remove a few to relocate and had a heckuva time getting them off so definitely E6000 is the way to go . The more I troop the more I find little adjustments needed here and there eventually this thing will fit me like a glove . Make sure to post a build thread so we can all help you along in your journey ! Best of luck .
  9. Centurion is not at the top of my list as I feel I am already pretty close working on second build now , got to keep up with the Jones ! Lol
  10. Remember you never know when big brothers watching too so stay in character !
  11. Welcome aboard Anthony Joseph hit it on the nail ! There are plenty of a.m. builds here . To answer your question not sure what a.m. stands for but 2.0 is his updated version that meets the 501 st approval for chest and back plate ! I'm 6'1"and 230 pounds I was able to build my a.m. kit without shimming the kit is wonderful I've also started a second kit which tells you something Research research research lots of reading you'll find all different types of techniques year find what's comfortable for you and take your time . Start a build thread get comfortable and off you go you'll get plenty of help throughout your journey good luck .
  12. To add for bonus points it was film somewhere in England if I remember right ?
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