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  1. Thanks! You can get the pouches from Trooperbay.
  2. Before you cut, I would suggest you test fit the spat around the shins first. You don’t want to end up cutting too much, and the spats cannot wrap around the shin. I also fixed the greeblie part and used magnets for the inner side. Do take a look at my build thread if you want.
  3. All the best! Looking forward to your build!
  4. Have fun in the build!
  5. Thank you for your kind words! Many generous people here helped with really good advice and guidance!
  6. @justjoseph63 I think you are working too hard, Joe! You just gave me my Centurion in my EIB thread! Hahaha!
  7. @justjoseph63 what I mean was this line in your earlier post. But all's good, thanks! Submitted for Centurion too!
  8. 1. Jasper 2. Tan 3. 501st ID 7867 4. Paper size* A4 5. justjoseph63 Thank you! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/7867-eib.png 284
  9. Thank you, everyone! And thanks to all your suggestions, advice and encouragement during the build! It takes a village to build an FOTK!
  10. Thank you, @justjoseph63! What awesome news to wake up to! Although, did you approve me for ANH Stunt by mistake? Haha! Centurion submission on the way!
  11. COSTUME INFORMATION Armour, Helmet and Neck Seal: Anovos TFA Gaskets: Imperial Gaskets (rubber) Belt: Belts of the First Order Hand plates and Holster: R2Dan Boots and Gloves: Imperial boots Undersuit: Stormtrooperundersuit F11D Blaster: Resin kit (Justinian) Name: Jasper Tan Height: 170cm Weight: 80kg TKID: 7867 Garrison: Singapore Garrison Level 1 approval: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=13500&costumeID=326 APPLICATION PHOTOS FULL BODY HELMET ARMOUR DETAILS NECK SEAL CHEST, YOKE AND BACK THERMAL DETONATOR SHOULDER AND ELBOW GASKETS SHOULDER BELLS BICEPS FOREARMS GLOVES AND HAND PLATES ABDOMEN COD AND POSTERIOR BELT UNDERSUIT THIGHS KNEE GASKETS KNEE PLATES SHINS ANKLE SPATS BOOTS F11D HEAVY RIFLE ACTION SHOTS For the DO's kind considerations, and do feel free to ask me if you need any clarifications, thank you!
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