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  1. Thanks Joseph. Been wondering what to use in my arsenal of E6000, CA & Stalmax glues. Few have said they had problems with the e6000 though I've got the wax paper ready, just nipping out to by some rubbing alcohol to clean the plates down then sand them before gluing.
  2. When I was working on my build WIP, I'd bookmarked a Bicep Hook tutorial by SimPIXELS. Got a bit of time so returned to it and it won't load. Checked to see if it's been replaced but can't find anything else. Anyone got measurements and method for the hooks before I go for trial and error? Thanks Mike TK22310
  3. I've got a pair... really comfy. Just had delivery from TrooperBay of a set of silicone hand plates. Will let you know how the gluing goes!
  4. Good shout with the wax paper. I'll probably go with the CA glue. Not sure stalmax will be any different to the e6000? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. Hi guys. For a more comfy experience, I've got some nomax flight gloves and a set of silicone plates from trooperbay to use instead of my latex ones on unofficial troops. Quick question to those who have gone this route... What is the best method of gluing? I've seen contrasting posts of efforts using e6000. I've got e6000, Stella and .ca glue. Bit worried the .ca glue would sleep through the cloth? Sent from my SM-T713 using Tapatalk
  6. Ok. The Cyprus outpost is on its way and ive been told to get my submission in with the 501 lmo direct (as the other cleared trooper did a few weeks back) as the outpost obviously does not have one. So, having finished the ammo pack on the knee the build is looking close to done. Going to get my paperwork in but as ive been doing my wip here in line with ukg as one day I'll be returning to Blighty I'm posting clearence pics here too. Anything amiss? It's gonna be great for my diet this thing. Ive had a few weeks without putting the suit on and ive been stuffing my face... put it on last night and could certainly tell I'm not the same size and when measuring and cutting a few weeks back!! Time for a salad big lad!! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. Right, moved on and somewhat a lot closer to being finished but now facing a few challenges. I did a full suit up the other night for the first time. Happy with the way it went. Not too worried about the chest rising up as you can see in the pics, i didnt really take time dressing, i mainly wanted to see how the legs would be with the torso on. Needed help getting in it but got the suit off by myself!! The last bit of construction is the ammo pack onto the knee. Extra Rivets were delivered today as I'd messed up the ones TM sent. The plastics on the front on the legs practically touch so from talking to Paul, im likely to need to trim some off the bottom of the shins to lower them. The thighs feel a tad long (altho 5.10 ive clearly short legs!) But Paul advised only take off the top of the thighs as a last resort, drop the shins first. Ive taken troughs out of the back of the knees as instructed that still makes it screen accurate. Really struggling with the rivets to secure the ammo pack. Using a c-clamp to secure. Not having much success. They end up at an angle and I have to get them off with the dremel. Good news though! There's 2 of us in Cyprus!! Severain has just got cleared and in the process of setting up an outpost. Just need to get myself sorted!! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Hi guys. I've been a bit over enthusiastic when bevelling down the edges on my TD pipe. Some of the bevelling scratches are a little longer than what will be covered by the end caps and can be seen. I can hide most of it by turning it to the rear which will face my back when hooked on the belt but it's that age old thing... I know it's there!! Not a biggie but Is there an easy way of buffing the pipe up and getting the scratches out?
  9. Hi mate. Yeah, I'm on the UKG forum and building with guidance and in accordance with the UKG (as I'm from there) but I currently work on deployment with the British Forces in Cyprus. There's nothing 501 based out here so once I'm done I'm going to try and see about starting an outpost here. I'll likely have to stump up flights to the UK and take my suit for a full induction tho. Wish there was something here! Been difficult sometimes relying on the videos and waiting for armourer updates on my posts. A nice armour party with local troopers would have been nice!!
  10. Hi guys. I'm seeing daylight on my TK build and hopefully will soon be trooping. I'm likely to be the only trooper in my region so when I do get out there, I won't have the back up of experienced troopers with the general public! At 5.10" I'm still likely to get "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper" quote coming my way and at 90kg, likely "aren't you a little fat for a stormtrooper" too!! (altho I am working on that one!) Just wondered if troopers just take it on the chin or if there are any clever come backs people might have along with any good tips for general interaction.
  11. Ok. Had family over here then had a go back to the Uk for a couple of weeks. Didnt manage to get any time for help with the legs while in the uk which sucked but did manage to get a package from TM with replacement cover strips as I'd messed up most of the first set. Cyprus comic con in 10 days... pretty sure at this point its not going to be ready... but maybe thats a good thing. Take my time a bit more and after losing a load of weight the recent trip has put some of it back on so maybe missing the deadline will mean i can get a bit more off. Dont think the weight will effect the legs much... always had muscle in my thighs but its more the waist that will benefit After coming back to Cyprus i decided to leave the suit a week or so and finish the e11 just to get one project out of the way. Blaster now ukg approved! This week ive completed the belt and added holster. Will show photos when next doing a test suit up. Only forearms and strapping to do on top section now so returned to legs... Dont know why but just a bit daunted on these. Ive taped up the thighs tonight ready for trimming. I'm quite big at the top of the leg but a lot thinner at the knee so I'll not need to trim much if any from the upper rear part of the thigh but as it gets down to behind my knee much more needs to come off or it looks quite boxy round knee. Because more comes off near the bottom knee part, im going to have to be careful when trimming to get the straight line. I placed a cover strip on top to show me the true line of how it should look... any other tips before cutting? I taped in the thigh strapping i got with the kit and tested both thighs with the belt i plan on using The thighs sit just lowering onto the knee cap. Not as uncomfy as previous but i reckon ill have to take the predictable short person scoop off the back above the knee. Id like them to sit slightly higher above the knee. Is there a guide as to the best Also.. will it help getting rid of the return edge at the top of the thighs? Any feedback appreciated Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  12. Here are the first leg pictures. Not sure if I need both on to get the idea, if so I'll redo them. Full leg Calf (top rides about middle of knee cap) Thigh (pulled as high as I could) Showing bend. I could'nt bend the my lower leg much. I expect not to have full range but unsure of how much. I'm 5.10 but have fairly small (well set) legs. I reckon some will need to come off the thighs and calves. In the meantime. I drilled holes in the abdomen and kidney for rivets I've progressed with the arms. I've finished bells and biceps now and glued the shoulder straps onto the chest. The only thing on arms left to do is the forearms. I've glued the strapping poppers into the bells and biceps tonight so tomorrow I should be able to try the top half of the suit. (I'll put a temp tape fitting the bicep to forearm elastic while sizing) Got good feedback from TM on where the strapping for arms needs placing. I'm waiting on some rivet tools to add the split rivets. I tried on some spare plastic bastardising the rivets. I got one out of three right so best to wait for the tools before using on the real stuff! Unless there's a better way of doing it without the tool? That means the belt has to wait as I'm also expecting a fabric punch tool. I'll leave the trimming of the knee plate (sniper) until the calves are ready and glued. Along with the ammo strap round the thigh, I reckon they'll be last to complete. Anyway, if anyone has ideas on the legs, please comment
  13. Looks like I may answer my own question. Seems Photobucket may have ceased 3rd party hosting on accounts. Bad timing maybe it's come as this place gets a make over. Gutted! Really need my goto threads and their pics for guide with my WIP!!!
  14. I've noticed since the site came back, loads of the pages I use for reference, the pictures are not loading anymore. Is this a site or a photo bucket issue?
  15. Back at it at last! New shoulder bridge has arrived from Paul so soon time to make one of them look like the one on the right after cropping too close on the one in the middle! First things first... Placement of the straps in the bells Exciting bit! Time for my first partial suit up! Does the placement of the strapping look ok? Good for gluing? Marked out the places I need to rivet Abdomen From looking at it, I've not dealt with rivets before. I can work out the split rivets ant cap rivets but I need guidance on this one. When I've put the rivet through the ABS and put the washer on the other side. How do I secure it? Groin Hips Paul has nicely marked out the 3 rivet placements on the abdomen Need to mark out the kidney. Think I've seen the measurements on another build thread for how far in from the edge to start Rivet tools. I bought a pop gun but not sure it's needed with the rivets supplied. Reckon I'm going to be using those punch tools on the right for the rivets! Got a popper punch tool for adding the poppers to the belt. So, just need confirmation on - the bells elastic is in the right place and I can remove the tape and glue help with how to secure the abdomen rivet. 4mm bit to drill the holes for rivets?
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