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  1. I love my MTK! Had it for almost four years now and it's held up beautifully. Also got the kit three weeks after ordering. Mike is great to buy from.
  2. Mine are a $5 pair of Gorilla Gloves that look just like those (including the green trim!) and I have the plates attached with white industrial strength velcro. Been trooping in them for 3 1/2 years, and they've never come unattached.
  3. I chose ESB since it was the first Star Wars movie I ever saw (on TV). Unconventional, I know, but neither of my parents were fans so I was left to discover it on my own (I was 12) when the Special Editions came out lol.
  4. Got my original one from Trooperbay and switched not too long ago to one of Darman's. I'd recommend both.
  5. I use mine to showcase all my Legion, garrison, detachment, etc. stickers. It's gotten enough weathering by getting banged up going in and out of my car, and rolling in and out of trooping venues lol.
  6. Looks amazing!! I've always loved that pack!! I'm using the same M-75 frame for my Benthic, and was wondering how you attached the straps to it? I feel so stupid asking, but I just can't seem to put them on properly lol!
  7. I wear a passport wallet around my neck and it rests behind my chest plate. I can access it myself by pulling on the long strap.
  8. When I heard about this Space Force becoming an actual thing, the first thing that came to mind was "Aw man, game over!"
  9. Just booked my room at the Hyatt Regency!! I am PUMPED!!! Haven't been to a Celebration since 2005 (my first ever con)!
  10. mgb1016

    Swag Toss

    Oh what the heck, I'll join in on the fun, 64!
  11. I wear a neck pouch that rests behind my chest plate. I can access it while in kit by just pulling it out by the adjustable strap.
  12. I loved this!! I so wish they would have kept it. What you see in that scene is the Phasma of the Scyre we read about in her novel!!
  13. I currently have seven with two more on the way (including that awesome silver bullion coin)!
  14. Not TK-related, but here's my Kylo making a heart with his Pop Pop.
  15. After going to the premiere Thursday night, I was undecided. I went back Friday afternoon, and loved it. I can certainly understand why it's caused so much backlash, what happens in this one is so shocking and unexpected, and so many twists and turns, it's hard to take it all in at once. I didn't think the humor was over the top. I personally liked the opening with Hux and Poe, Hux (not one of my favorite characters) totally being dismissed as a threat was hilarious. Say what you want about the porgs, I loved them as soon as I saw them in the D23 footage, and I loved them in the movie. I don't think they overshadowed anything. I also love that Snoke was taken out like a punk lol (go Supreme Leader Ren!!!) I was a little disappointed that there was no confrontation between Leia and Kylo, and no further mention of the Knights of Ren, but everything else made up for it IMO. I believe Phasma survived that fall and will be back. The fight between her and Finn, though brief, was awesome and I like how it showed part of Gwendoline's face after Finn whacks her with the riot baton. And of course everyone's devastated about Luke, but you know he'll be back as a Force ghost in the next movie, just like Obi-Wan was brought back as one in ESB and ROTJ. TLJ isn't the best of the saga, but it's certainly not the worst.
  16. This is looking great!! Are you going to add the EIB feature of having working thrusters on the jetpack that can hover for at least 30 seconds?
  17. Glad to finally see one of these being built (and by a fellow Garrison member)!! Looking forward to seeing this come together!
  18. Welcome Raul! Looking forward to trooping with you in Garrison Tyranus! My kit's also a ESB. Hope to see you at AwesomeCon this year! I'll be up there that Saturday but I'll be wearing my Kylo.
  19. I don't have anything from Anovos, but from all the horror stories I've heard, I will never buy from them. My kit's an MTK and I love it to no end! It's held up very well the two years I've had it and your turnaround time and customer service are fantastic, Mike!
  20. I was out to lunch and a friend PM'ed me the link to the trailer, and I watched it after I got back in my car and when it showed the close up of Kylo I squealed so bad and the guy next to me in the parking lot looked at me like I was completely insane!!!
  21. From what the people in my Garrison were posting on Facebook about the lines first thing this morning, I was glad to be at work instead!!!
  22. Where are you going to be located at during Celebration? I just want to make sure my friend who's picking mine up for me will know where to find you. Sorry if this is a stupid question lol.
  23. Welcome and congratulations!! Hope to see you at a Tyranus event sometime!
  24. ESB TK and Kylo for me. I stopped at two to save my sanity (almost lost it on Kylo) lol. But if I ever did do a third kit, it would probably be a R1 death trooper.
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