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  1. Kadena High School Prom Comic Con 2019 Kadena Exchange - Veteran's Day Weekend A rebel was captured Star Theaters Mihama 7Plex
  2. Been away for a bit due to other projects or obligations with work. Making the rank of staff sergeant has made things a bit busier for sure. Plus, currently finishing my 1/2 Bandai BB-8 and will soon start a 1:1 scale mouse droid build to keep myself busy between troops. Figure it's time to start keeping track before I get too far behind. Will add pictures as I can upload them. My fiancé got her Imperial Officer approved and trooped the last 3 events with me. (2019/12/21) ROS公開記念出撃@STAR THEATERS MIHAMA 7PLEX (2019/10/13)MCCS Comic Con Okinawa 2019 @沖縄県北谷町 (2019/10/13)Kadena Exchange - Veteran’s Day Weekend (2019/05/04)Kadena High School Prom - May the 4th (2018/10/14)MCCS presents COMIC CON Okinawa (2017/12/16)Last Jedi at Kadena BX (2017/12/16)TLJ公開記念出撃 - STAR THEATERS CINEMA RYCOM (2017/11/04)Kadena Special Olympics
  3. A "couple" indeed. Looks like a great time and opportunity to see and learn about several detachments and outfits. And welcome to the FISD!
  4. I painted the inside of mine but found that after a few troops I would be left with paint on my face where it rubbed during wear as well as getting the helmet on/off. So after the tedious process of removing the paint, I used the lining from a full face motorcycle helmet to fit into the bucket.
  5. Making progress for sure. But when you assemble your belt assembly to hold up your thigh pieces, just try to close the gap as much as possible. You'll also want the shoulder bells to be pulled in as close to your shoulder straps as much as possible. If the top of the bell can touch the plastic shoulder strap then even better, since you are aiming for centurion. As for mobility, you can add the cuts to the back of your leg pieces. But per the CRL update, be sure the cuts don't extend past the raised edge. Again, an example with how I did my cuts. Keep up the good work!
  6. Also try to get the thigh armor as close as possible to your torso to lessen the gap as well as give your knees more space to bend so you can walk somewhat normally. And it's difficult to tell for sure with only one thigh armor on, but to me, the bottom section of it seems like it could be trimmed and brought in closer to your leg to give it a better fit and shape. I had to do the same for mine during my approval process.
  7. Looking good so far! For your helmet you can open up the teeth a bit more as well if you haven't already since you posted. And for the straps, I doubled up my elastic to keep things tight and also used a square piece of canvas strap material to keep the elastic from pulling off the snap during a troop while suiting up/down.
  8. Hello and good luck with your build! If you can get an image link via the app then maybe you can just paste it to your post? I use my laptop when needing to post with pictures due to the forum's code handling. Also for the cod piece, you'll definitely want to trip enough to be able to stand and walk comfortably without hard plastic or sharp edges making your first troop a very awkward and uncomfortable experience. Test fitting as you go will give you a better idea of where you need to trim
  9. Looking great so far! The locking tabs are a very neat idea, hopefully they will stand up to the rigors of trooping. Don't worry about what's left. Enjoy the journey and the learning experience of building your armor. Once you get your approval and go for the first troop it will be worth the time and effort.
  10. Hello and welcome! Looking forward to seeing how your build goes
  11. Welcome Lindsey! Sounds like you are in the right place and always good to hear another TK is joining the ranks.
  12. Welcome and best of luck on the application process! I also recommend heading over to the pre-approval section and show off your armor.
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