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  1. So I'm hoping to begin assembling a set of Patrol Trooper armor in the near future. I currently have a fan made helmet on the way (and it looks awesome btw!) Would this armor be acceptable in our detachment? I've heard that Patrol Troops are assigned to the Pathfinders detachment. Also, does anyone know of any prop builders making the armor pieces?
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I currently own an Anovos set. The armor looks great, but some parts are a bit thin...
  3. I'm thinking about purchasing a new set of armor in the future. I ran across an armor maker named MTK yesterday. From photos, his armor looks really good. Anyone have any experience with this armor?
  4. Check out Caboots.com. They make a really nice trooper boot. A bit pricey, but really good quality.
  5. Figured that I'd put in my two cents on this. A while back, I purchased one of these E-11s. They are excatly what the others have described. A Rubies costume blaster. And not a recast either. He must by them in bulk. The only reason I know this is because when I recieved it, (after waiting forever), the paint job was so poor, I had to sand and repaint. When sanding, I uncoverd the orange and white plastic the Rubies blasters come in. In his description, he states that these are replicas as seen in ESB, but as we know that is not the case. Not to mention that they are extremly over priced. Anyways, live and learn. I now use it for a worst case senario, emergency blaster , (after heavy modifications of course).
  6. Will do! Just finished up a doopy build recently. I'm glad I now have a place to reference E-11 mods, and make it more screen accurate!
  7. Hey Everyone! I'm new to the FISD and fairly new to the 501st Carolina Garrison. After joining the Legion in October, I've made an effort to travel and Troop when I can, and I love doing so! I hope to learn more from the FISD in the future and make new friends along the way! Sincerely, Taylor F. TK51915
  8. Hello! Requesting 501st access. http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29203 Thanks!
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