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    Birthday Parties

    We have a fair amount of birthday and wedding troops in our garrison too. Maybe folks are more well behaved in the PNW, haha.
  2. Thanks for starting this topic. Most of all, thank you, Wyatt, for all you've done for FISD and all your wonderful swag!
  3. Looks like there might be a typo with the space pack? I just see " Template:CRL-tk-anh-spacepack "
  4. Fantastic build thread! Can't wait to see the finished pack!
  5. Fantastic work again, everyone! Thanks!
  6. Welcome to the FISD and to Garrison Titan! Hope to meet you at a future meet & greet or event.
  7. Welcome aboard! Hope to see you at an upcoming Garrison Titan meet & greet or event!
  8. Welcome to the FISD! Join the forums for Cloud City Garrison ( http://www.cloudcitygarrison.com/) if you haven't already and they should be able to take care of you. Which ever garrison you join will help you through the approval process. Essentially you fill out an application on the 501st website, submit your photos to your garrison, and then they'll do the rest for you.
  9. Well said, Joseph! Though I've had similar thoughts about making a more dimensionally accurate pack I think it's important to keep in mind that 3D models (especially old ones like these) and their associated texture maps are intended to represent an object within the constrains of the game engine at the lowest level you can get away with for performance reasons. That's why the thermal detonators are octagons instead of cylinders...lower polygon count = better performance. What I mean is I think we should focus on the intent of the game pack/character more than the actual 3D models alone, i.e. the radio box is totally flat, but the texture map gives the illusion that there are knobs, recessed areas, etc., and that's what we've all been doing so far. I feel like the CRL is in a good place now with the newly added updates and I'm sure over time there will be some more too.
  10. Wow, that's fantastic! Always loved PotA! Did Apemania do everything or did you build parts of it? Very, very cool.
  11. Congratulations, Peter! And thanks to all for the time and creativity they put into their designs. I'm sure it was an extremely hard decision to pick just one....hey all looked great to me!
  12. Just to add fuel to the fire, the last episode of Rebels showed quite a few TKs with pauldrons (and no other extra gear). Thrawn's troopers also had insignias on their pauldrons which was interesting to see.
  13. I've been helping to look into some new forum themes and templates so thanks for this good info! Not sure if all of those points can be added to our forum software but it gives me more things to search for.
  14. Yet another fantastic newsletter! You guys always deliver! It was very cool to see those statistics too. I always knew the FISD was the best detachment, but now there's proof, heh.
  15. Hmmm...seems like rebel scum have messed that part up. Looks like it's intended to be a list of all current EIB troopers. I'll pass it on up the chain.
  16. I hope antennas stay in the optional category.
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