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  1. Good morning Rick!


    I recently stumbled upon your HWT backpack build thread and noticed that at one point you had two oil pan options, and were going to pick one to use. Did you ever decide, and if you went with the Wedco, do you happen to still have the Bavarian can laying around somewhere? I ask because I’m starting my own HWT build, and Bavarian closed shop in the past year, so I can’t find their oil can any more. I’d be interested in purchasing yours if you didn’t end up using it.


    In the same vein, did you ever go into production with your box cover templates? I’m with you in my like for straight lines and rounded corners, but unfortunately I don’t have the means to make the cuts like you did.


    BTW, cool that you're in Seattle. I was born in Burien and have enjoyed going back on several occasions. Thanks in advance for your assistance!




    Your HWT build: 


  2. Caligari

    Birthday Parties

    We have a fair amount of birthday and wedding troops in our garrison too. Maybe folks are more well behaved in the PNW, haha.
  3. Thanks for starting this topic. Most of all, thank you, Wyatt, for all you've done for FISD and all your wonderful swag!
  4. Looks like there might be a typo with the space pack? I just see " Template:CRL-tk-anh-spacepack "
  5. Fantastic build thread! Can't wait to see the finished pack!
  6. Fantastic work again, everyone! Thanks!
  7. Welcome to the FISD and to Garrison Titan! Hope to meet you at a future meet & greet or event.
  8. Welcome aboard! Hope to see you at an upcoming Garrison Titan meet & greet or event!
  9. Welcome to the FISD! Join the forums for Cloud City Garrison ( http://www.cloudcitygarrison.com/) if you haven't already and they should be able to take care of you. Which ever garrison you join will help you through the approval process. Essentially you fill out an application on the 501st website, submit your photos to your garrison, and then they'll do the rest for you.
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