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  1. Awesome Jeff .... Good to see another badlands member going for glory cheers Dave
  2. Awesome !!! Thank you so much ... I'll get to work on the thighs right way, cheers Dave
  3. You bet ... I'll post a pic when I get home from work tonight, cheers Dave
  4. Hmm .. didn't even notice the sight wasn't on my T-21, thanks for the catch. I'll get that remedied ASAP - might have to resort to my E-11 for submission ;( When did the belt drop boxes change? I saw some of the other changes that were made but totally glossed over the belt lol ... haven't observed any HWT with drop boxes on the submission threads ... is this a typo? Easy fix anyhow hehe Thanks for the support, cheers Dave
  5. Name: Dave Walker 501st ID: TK 10737 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21029 FISD Forum Name: PBTrooper Garrison: Badlands Garrison Armor Maker: Anovos Helmet Maker: Anovos Blaster Type: T-21 Anthony Bailey (Blaster 8266) Height: 5'8" Weight: 1 85 lbs Boots Maker: TK Boots Canvas Belt: TKittle Hand Plates Type: Trooper Bay Electronics: Fans / I-Comm / Microphone / Hovi Tips / Speakers by Ukswrath Neck Seal Type: Anovos Orange Pauldron: Trooper1 MP 40 Pouches: Anthony Bailey (Blaster 8266) HWT Backpack: Self Made (following Ukswrath + other's build threads) Thank you for your time and consideration, cheers Dave
  6. Initially, I was going to use charcoal powder ... Extremely messy in my opinion. Ended up using black Crayola washable kids paint. Painted a big blob on and smeared it with a rag. Thanks for the comments
  7. Hey guys. finally getting around to finishing up my conversion to HWT after a long hiatus, thoughts for improvement? Cheers Dave
  8. David Walker 10737 EIB A4 Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/10737-eib.png
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