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  1. thanks for the heads up. I just made an account on the spec ops detachment they are super helpful over there. I am trying to put together a variant of the army trooper that includes chest and back armour
  2. Sweet! Welcome to the trooper costuming community. Good luck
  3. If your interested in just having a helmet for display then I would go with a black series helmet but if you want the full kit RS prop masters makes a fully finished kit and from what I have heard it’s pretty awesome. I hope this helps.
  4. as I have said in many other posts I am putting together an imperial army trooper kit and have ordered a Walts trooper factory chest piece, back piece, and helmet and I was looking through the 501st page on the army trooper but I saw nothing about hard armour and in the pictures nobody had chest plates. is it against the rules to use chest protection for an army trooper kit?
  5. I am building what is pictured except I will have a chest and back plate. thank you for letting me know that you aren't supposed to have rank at all
  6. Hello, I am putting together a imperial army trooper kit and was wondering how I might mark the rank of PFC or whatever the imperial version of that is. I am pretty sure there is not a rank panel for ranks lower than ensign at least in the navy but I may be wrong. Thank you all for your help in advance
  7. Ok so I ordered a kit from WTF. Do you happen to know how long it takes for the armor to arrive?
  8. thank you so so much. I have been looking for way too long to find this. I really appreciate it
  9. that looks like a AT-ST pilot helmet which is similar but not the same as an imperial army helmet but I may be wrong
  10. Hi. I was thinking of putting together a imperial army trooper kit (probably a modified version of a 224th armoured division trooper) and I cant seem to find anywhere that sells or makes the helmet or chest guard. I was wondering if any of you would know where I could find these things. thanks
  11. thank you so much. this is exactly what I was hoping to hear
  12. thank you for clarifying and providing these links. I really do appreciate this community
  13. oh, so when you are making the purchase they ask for the measurements?
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