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  1. 73. Fresno Grizzlies Star Wars Night Promo Filming, Fresno - 5/3 In the middle. It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but we're all wearing brown bandolierr ribbons in honor of Peter Mayhew. My heart may belong to the Dark Side and the Empire, but my favorite Star Wars character has always been, and will always be, Chewbacca.
  2. 72. Human Good Corp. Anniversary Dinner, Fresno - 5/1 On the right. First troop for the TK on the left! Working out kinks before approval.
  3. I had an all-inclusive helmet set up originally, with the speaker Hovi tips. They simply weren't remotely loud enough for my area and where I trooped. IT was hard to hear me when they were cranked up to 11. With the wireless mic, I mount it in the helmet, so the bucket is self-contained and I can take it on and off with no wires. The aker just hangs around my neck and sits at my upper chest. So it still sounds like I'm talking from my head-level, which is good. Also I run an old iPod shuffle with TK chatter through the same one.
  4. I recommend the Aker 10 watt. It's plenty loud, good quality, and worth the money. I tried cheapies at first, and they all died and I should have just bought an Aker outright and spent about the same. I use a generic wireless mic set up (Amazon, $20 - $30). My fans are generic home-made, and they work great. Some people love the USB power chargers, some people like 9V, some people do those blue 12v rechargeable from eBay (they come from China). I personally ditched the blues for 9V and love them. They don't overpower the fans so I can still kinda hear, people can't hear my helmet buzzing from the fans, and they last at least one troop if not two or three. I haven't seen good luck with the USB chargers locally, but people swear by them so apparently there is something to be said for them.
  5. I use this one, or basically this one, to split audio cables: amazon.com/Belkin-Speaker-Headphone-Audio-Splitter/dp/B000067RC4/ I'm not using my phone with it, and I also have Android, but it should be generic.
  6. Welcome! We look forward to having and working with you! I'll also drop you a PM with more details.
  7. Can't get more local than the same town!
  8. How's it set up? As in, how many pieces (main parts plus ear bars)? I'd look through the build threads and find an armor maker with the same or similar set up, even if not AP, and see how they did it. There's only really three or four ways to do it, so odds are some other maker build could also suffice.
  9. 71. Spring Fest at Tehipite, Fresno - 4/11 Jawas, disgusting creatures! The second I found out they had baby chicks to hold I had to go hold one.
  10. He's on Facebook- Shawn M Thorsson. He might have a props page but I can never find it because finding anything on Facebook is murder.
  11. But is it really a real project if you don't have to go to the hardware store at least twice? Welcome aboard!
  12. Congratulations and welcome! I may hit you up for Inferno help- I'm working with a friend to build hers for entry into the 501st.
  13. I've emailed them not that long ago, and didn't have any issues. Their email server could be down, too.
  14. Welcome aboard! I'm honored to have inspired you! Selfishly that will also help my motivation to really get cracking on her, once again! She's certainly not an easy build, but I have never heard anyone say she's not worth it. I look forward to your progress! I have a KB kit- I got a little caught in the mess they had, but I did in fact get my armor, and I'm happy with it. I have a friend and new fellow Squad mate who also has KB for his TLJ TK, he got in after the mishaps, and got his kit in a couple of weeks (insanity!). He's also done and approved already. So now he's going to help me instead of the other way around, hahaha! @LadyInWhite is roughly local to you- So Cal at least (which I realize is large- I'm from the Central Valley CA). I'm 5'11, so we're not too far of in height. KB should have no problems for you at your height. Jimmi makes a nice kit, but he is a smaller guy and I've noted his various kits reflect that (you build what you know- makes sense). His is also fiberglass v. KB is ABS, and I personally think ABS is easier to work with and I prefer it. Shawn Thorrson also does Phasma kits now, too! I know next to nothing about them other than his has a helmet and KB's doesn't. But I have his helmet. As far as shoes go, if you want lifts (at your height, with any normal boot heel, plus a little added from the helmet dome, you don't need to if you don't want to), then I would recommend something with a lace up front- the laces will get covered by the (TFA) boot armor, and thus be CRL compliant, and they will also give your foot room to rise up with the lifts. I don't think the TLJ foot armor would completely cover, however, so that's really an option for TFA only. I'm not as well-versed on TLJ as I am on TFA, though. PayLess if going out of business, but that's where I snagged mine, for like $20. I plan to use my TK undersuit, which is a black compression shirt and pants. They're pretty available in a lot of sizes- just do a google search and you should find some options (Eastbay tops I like, and I have a random brand pants I found on Amazon; I might switch to Men's because women's tend to be smaller fits). I'd recommend not the winter variety, as the suit will be hot enough as it is. Moisture wicking is a plus. (I actually need to replace a pair of my TK understuit paints, ended up with a hole right on the butt, which I found at a troop, but thankfully the armor covered it, so if I find a good option I'll drop you a line). I just ordered Jessica's cape and belt this morning! So excited! She's doing a very small run of up to 5 right now, so if you're able, jump on that quickly (Facebook, Jessica Bowyer). If not, there are other options and she will do other runs in the future, too. Not to totally plug my own stuff, but my ESB TK build will have some cross-cover as far as supplies, tools, etc. Harbor Freight clamps for the win! Love those things. I'd recommend investing in a real Dremel, not an off brand (or at least not the $30 ones from Amazon), as I've now burned out two of them over three years (though not a terrible run). I'm doing pretty good on the basics, just don't ask me how to build her... still pretty such on that part!
  15. I'm an ESB Centurion, but I have an AM kit, and got my decals from TrooperBay. TrooperBay is pretty cool- if you drop them a line asking which ones will fit Walt's, they'll let you know. They might even make a set for Walt's if they don't have one already (they're making Walt's Inferno decals after a convo I had with them).
  16. 70. Able Advocates Pancake Breakfast, Fresno - 4/6 OT TK in the middle. Photo by Brett Schönwald Photography
  17. I think he actually escaped that that night! But I'm pretty sure Niner got called Vader at least once.
  18. Looking good! The only thing I noticed was already touched on, that the belt boxes hang at the end of the belt, rather than the end of the angle cut.
  19. I knew I recognized that TKID... Looking good! Keep up the good work! I'm working on ideas for how to reduce the bunching on the gaskets.
  20. My fans have always lasted great on 9V- I get at least one long troop (3+ hrs), or two to three shorter (2 - 3 hrs each) out of them. Beginning to think I'm an anomaly...
  21. sharkbait


    Welcome aboard! As everyone said, your local Garrison will guide you through the local event process, their forums, etc. Once you're trooping, don't forget to start a Troop Log to show off your troops! (Field Training Exercises)
  22. AM is best suited for larger/bigger troopers, and they do sell parts. I have their full kit and highly recommend them. Also, Gary knows what he's talking about, so he'll guide you well! (We're Garrison-mates and we've also trooped together a few times. Tell him I said hi!)
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