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  1. Love the sound of clanking armour, however means you cant be stealthy.
  2. One of the reasons I chose ESB was it was unique. So many of my garrison brothers and sisters are ANH so wanted to be different. Most of the general public dont know the subtle differences as you are just a stormtrooper to them. I did a VIP event late last year and all they wanted was stormtroopers, it didnt matter what type you were. I think in total there is about 4 ESB variants in NZ. We now have an ESB Vader in our garrison so its extra cool when I troop along side him as the only ESB in my region. Good luck with your build
  3. Cant wait to see this build. All the best.
  4. I used isopropal alcohol and rubbed gently. Some parts is scraped with a blade to get rid of stubborn paint.
  5. I converted a RS Props ANH to ESB and ended up just covering the rivet holes with cloth patches that matched the belt fabric. Mine was to difficult to switch around due to the snap domes on the belt and armour.
  6. Cool. I have a BS helmet as well which I am modding. Be sure to check out some of the threads on how to make it more accurate.
  7. I wonder whats going on with this bicep? Cut down for stunt work?
  8. Looks great. I have a BS TK helmet which I am modding atm. I havent got to cutting out the vents as yet.
  9. Saw that episode. Really love the Jet trooper grenade launcher blaster.
  10. I think theres threads over on the pathfinders for the Mountain Trooper. Makes sense looks like a scout and shoretrooper.
  11. Troop #11 Event: Special Childrens Christmas Party Date: 23 November 2019 Location: Christchurch New Zealand I had the privilege once again to attend this event. This event is held for children with special needs to provide them with a Christmas they will never forget. Our goal was to put smiles on Chrildrens faces for at least one day of the year. We arrived got kitted up and after the briefing we met the children and their parents/guardians at the door where we handed out hats for them to keep. We also had our trusty marker pens on hand to sign the hats. I lost count of how many hats I signed but there were up to 1200 children at the event. Lots of photos and high fives were had. One woman I spoke to said that they have been coming to the event for a few years and that we were the highlight of the event for them. I have done a few of these troops in the past and these are always my favourite event, however this year was the time I have trooped at this event in my ESB TK.
  12. Awesome. Cant go wrong with RS Props.
  13. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/47306-10-tk-3373-troop-log/ Just hit 10 Troops.
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