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  1. Troop #3 Event: 30th Birthday Party Date: 9th June 2019 Location: Christchurch, New Zealand An impromptu 30th Birthday Party troop for a friend of a fellow garrison member. I had the official duty of carrying the cake with the candles lit whilst in full armour. We had some photos and afterwards sampled the cake.
  2. Great job. Looked like a fun event.
  3. Troop #2 Event: Oamaru on Fire Winter Festival Date: 8th June 2019 Location: Oamaru, New Zealand Another week another trooping opportunity. This time we travelled about 3 & 1/2 hours South to an evening event as the finale of the Oamaru on Fire Festival. It was fairly cold due to it being winter down under but extra layers of thermals meant that it was more bearable. This time the charity was Ronald McDonald House.
  4. Troop #1 Event: Christchurch Armageddon Expo Date: 1 June 2019 to 3 June 2019 Location: Christchurch New Zealand My first official troop in my newly approved ESB TK armour at our local pop culture convention. Had a blast for the three days I attended and we raised a decent amount of money for Child Cancer.
  5. After some new photos, got the thumbs up from my GML. APPROVED! Super excited to be a part of this detachment again. Now can look at going a higher level.
  6. Made some changes to the armour as per my GML's suggestions and hopefully going to be approved soon. Fingers crossed.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I will shorten the clips. I hadnt thought of it but as its on my back I wouldnt seen it. It wasnt my first troop as such as I have been trooping for 10 years but it was he first in this armour. The event was a visit to Ronald McDonald House as its Easter where we gave away chocolate eggs, did colouring in with the children and handed out prizes. Cheers
  8. Here's a few photos from my debut troop in the armour. Overall no major issues. The kit is super light to wear and not at all uncomfortable. I noticed however that looking the the photos my harness belt wasnt on correctly which is why my thighs arent sitting correctly. I am planning on getting more accurate gloves either rubber or silk ones. Happy to receive any feedback. Cheers Scott
  9. Hi Guys, Before Christmas I purchased a used set of RS Props PVC ANH armour from a member of my garrison with the intention of turning it into ESB TK. I have long been a fan of ESB TK's and used to have a Snowy. My first approved costume was a TK ten years ago, so have come full circle. I have finished this build and am going to trial it at an event tomorrow and get some approval photos taken as well. Here's a photo of the helmet completed once I removed the ANH paint job and added the ESB decals and black frown. I am really loving this kit. I love how the helmet has the old bumps and imperfections from the originals. Also being PVC the armor is so light and durable. I will post some photos of the full armour when I have them. Cheers
  10. Thanks guys. I have gone with a pair of TK boots from another member at least these will be more acceptable. The back seam on the jodphur boots werent right either. I will keep them for my own use. Cheers
  11. So I purchased these boots but I wonder if they are any good for approval? The gusset is slightly different from the originals. Cheers Scott
  12. Also found a local equestrian shop that sells these boots. Available in black. Thats in NZD btw.
  13. Thanks. I was wanting something with a bit higher ankle on them. They were on ebay for around 20GBP so around $40 in my currency. I have a couple of leads on some TK boots which I dont mind spending a bit more on for higher level.
  14. I am looking around for options for my TK boots. Are these any good?
  15. Thanks I'll have a scout around for some.
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