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  1. TK3373

    Boot Option

    Thanks guys. I have gone with a pair of TK boots from another member at least these will be more acceptable. The back seam on the jodphur boots werent right either. I will keep them for my own use. Cheers
  2. TK3373

    Boot Option

    So I purchased these boots but I wonder if they are any good for approval? The gusset is slightly different from the originals. Cheers Scott
  3. TK3373

    Boot Option

    Also found a local equestrian shop that sells these boots. Available in black. Thats in NZD btw.
  4. TK3373

    Boot Option

    Thanks. I was wanting something with a bit higher ankle on them. They were on ebay for around 20GBP so around $40 in my currency. I have a couple of leads on some TK boots which I dont mind spending a bit more on for higher level.
  5. I am looking around for options for my TK boots. Are these any good?
  6. TK3373

    Paint Removal Method

    Thanks I'll have a scout around for some.
  7. TK3373

    Paint Removal Method

    Thanks guys. Is isopropyl similiar to Lens or compuer screen cleaner? If so my local trade store has this.
  8. Hi guys, I have acquired a second hand set of RS props ANH armor and helmet and wanted to know the best and safest way to remove the painted parts traps etc from the helmet. My intention is to convert to ESB which I already have the decals for, but I just need to remove the painted bits first. Some of the paint such as the tube stripes came off easily with a bit of a scraping but some of the other parts arent so easy. I dont want to scratch the helmet in the process. Would remove the paint better? Some sort of thinners or turpentine? I am also mindful of damaging the plastic. The helmet and armour is pvc btw. Cheers Scott
  9. TK3373

    does anyone build the skytrooper jetpack?

    I think people have modified Jango or Deathwatch jet packs.
  10. TK3373

    My CFO ROTJ helmet is complete

    The helmet turned out great Caleb. That was a fast build.
  11. TK3373

    Sitting Down

    I have never met a TK who could sit down in costume.
  12. TK3373

    Another french trooper ^^

    Bonjour Patrice, welcome to the forum. You will find a wealth of information here. I hope you are not too disappointed from your rugby team's narrow defeat by the AB's on the weekend. I thought they played well, despite the result.
  13. Its interesting how bluray shows up the difference between the matt painted troopers as opposed to the real ones. I never really paid much attention before.
  14. TK3373

    Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome Gordon, good to have another Kiwi on board. You will find a wealth of information on this forum.
  15. TK3373

    Storm Trooper Armour Rental

    I agree, not many people would be willing to lend out a suit. I know in my garrison someone wanted to rent or borrow a suit for a 40th birthday but instead a few of the members decided to do a troop there instead. A lot less hassle.
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