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  1. Sorry to hear you had to wait, but glad its all coming together for you. Im no expert on F-11 blasters but there might be some 3D printed ones out there.
  2. Buckets off. I found him great to deal with in sourcing armour. A great loss to our community.
  3. I kinda like the idea they borrowed from different sources to make up a remnant army. I think the original idea for Rogue One was to clean up design of TK suits since they didnt have any original ones on hand. However this meant they now had an inventory of suits to reuse for future projects. To the average viewer this doesnt seem out of place. Not to mention the suits used in the old deathstar in Rise of Skywalker were ROTKs as well, so its a bit over the place, but thats what makes this hobby fun and allows us to choose different types of armour. All part of the fun I suppose.
  4. Thanks Team. I plan on building the armor as ROTK first then transforming into a remnant tk,
  5. Hello troopers, Last year I bought a set of 850 ROTK armour from a fellow member with the hope of turning it into a ROTK, However converting my BS TK helmet proved to be a bit of a challenge so I have decided to go the Mando route instead. I kinda like the griminess of the troopers seen in the series. I was lucky enough to score an Anovos OT helmet off ebay in the weekend. The bidding was a bit fierce but I wanted it so bad. I wanted to get the exact make of helmet used in the season 1 'Client's' troopers in order to make my Remnant TK. These were Anovos helmets I believe. I will be scanning through the reference photos the first season Mandalorian throughout my build. Helmet - Anovos Original Trilogy Armour - 850 Props Gloves - ROTK (Endor Finders) Undershirt - Imperial Boots Boots ?
  6. Cheers I hope so too. I have place a bid on it just over 100, plus with rate of exchange and shipping could be expensive.
  7. Hi guys, theres an Anovos TK helmet on ebay which I am interested in. Currently bidding is at 61 dollars is this a good option. It looks like its legit. I want one for my collection but now hard to find. Anovos TK Helmet Ebay Cheers Scott 3373
  8. Interesting to see actual thermal dets used as shells. Is there enough references for this to become a thing or do we have to wait until a figure comes out?
  9. Thanks for the heads up I will check out the options.
  10. Thanks. I have since found out that the undershirt is the wrong style for ROTK as well. The top part has vertical lines but or ROTK should be horizontal. I might have to invest in a new shirt which is more accurate.
  11. Thanks. Ill have a go dying it and see what happens.
  12. I was lucky enough to socre a RO trooper undershirt from a friend of mine, I am pretty sure its Imperial Boots but not sure. My question is the colour any good? Its not black as for the ROTKs but a dark grey. I am thinking this is more for a shore trooper but supposedly it can be dyed black. It fits really well and I wasnt going to pass up this gift. Cheers Scott
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