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  1. Interesting to see actual thermal dets used as shells. Is there enough references for this to become a thing or do we have to wait until a figure comes out?
  2. Looking forward to see this one in action.
  3. Thanks for the heads up I will check out the options.
  4. Thanks. I have since found out that the undershirt is the wrong style for ROTK as well. The top part has vertical lines but or ROTK should be horizontal. I might have to invest in a new shirt which is more accurate.
  5. Thanks. Ill have a go dying it and see what happens.
  6. I was lucky enough to socre a RO trooper undershirt from a friend of mine, I am pretty sure its Imperial Boots but not sure. My question is the colour any good? Its not black as for the ROTKs but a dark grey. I am thinking this is more for a shore trooper but supposedly it can be dyed black. It fits really well and I wasnt going to pass up this gift. Cheers Scott
  7. Hi there, Thanks for the replies. Here's the handplates. The cod and butt snaps are an easy fix, I will just need to remove the paint. The blaster was modded to the specs of the CRL. This was an older ANH kit that I got from a fellow member which I converted to ESB. I was certain that the decals for the helmet were the correct ones. However it does seem like a lot of work to get it up to standard. Cheers Scott 3373
  8. Name: Scott Morrow TKID: TK-3373 Forum Name: TK3373 Armour: RS Props Helmet: RS Props Blaster: Hasbro (Modded Doopy-doos) Boots: TK Boots Hand Plates: ATA Holster: RS Props 1. ___ Front (Arms flat by side) 2. ___ Back (Arms flat by side) 3. ___ Left side (Arms raised) 4. ___ Right side (Arms raised) 5. ___ Left side detail (arms raised showing ab/kidney connection clearly) 6. ___ Right side detail (arms raised showing ab/kidney connection clearly)
  9. Thanks. Depending on how my BS helmet conversion goes or I might have to source an new lid from elsewhere.
  10. Helmet BS (to be modded) Armour 850 Props Undersuit/Shirt TBA Boots TBA Gloves TBA Hi there, I recently purchased a set of 850 Props ROTK armour from a fellow FISD member in OZ and yesterday the BBB arrived at my doorstep. So far I am pretty pleased with the sculpt on this kit. I have had a 850 Tanker armour previously and it wasnt as sharp as this is. I have a BS helmet which I plan on modding to be more accurate. Not sure at this stage where I want to go with this. I have always like the RO TK's since they came out and they have since a
  11. Love the sound of clanking armour, however means you cant be stealthy.
  12. One of the reasons I chose ESB was it was unique. So many of my garrison brothers and sisters are ANH so wanted to be different. Most of the general public dont know the subtle differences as you are just a stormtrooper to them. I did a VIP event late last year and all they wanted was stormtroopers, it didnt matter what type you were. I think in total there is about 4 ESB variants in NZ. We now have an ESB Vader in our garrison so its extra cool when I troop along side him as the only ESB in my region. Good luck with your build
  13. Cant wait to see this build. All the best.
  14. I used isopropal alcohol and rubbed gently. Some parts is scraped with a blade to get rid of stubborn paint.
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