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  1. Looking great so far Chris Regarding the audio system, I didn't see the speaker risers installed in any of your photos, these are there to prevent the speaker diaphragm from contacting the helmet or speaker material which may cause a lack of output. If you find the speaker performance isn't up to par install the risers between the speakers and speaker cloth. If you have any questions give me a shout . Looking forward to your build.
  2. Congratulation Jamie great job, and welcome to Expert Infantry
  3. Wet sanding with 400 should work just as well for rattle can paint as it was for the professional paint job that was performed on my kit. Rustoleum 2x is 2in 1 paint, the primer is built in. Adhesion promoter is mainly used with professional painting but may work with rattle cans, contact an professional automotive paint supply for more information on that. I've seen people use additional primers or adhesion agents and some without. Results varied, none being better then the other. Primer is great for filling in minor scratches but may not be needed with the Rustoleum 2x. Key point is to ensure the armor is dust and water free, painted in a controlled environment to prevent foreign material or wind from effecting the process (DIY paint booth), painted in temperatures recommended by the manufacturer and following the paint process set out by the mfg. Hope this helps
  4. You people are just haters, haven't you ever seen a Centurion in training
  5. Looking good Fredrik, talk to your garrison GML regarding basic approval requirements. The legion is tightening the reigns when it comes to even basic approvals these days. Before you get too far in your build you need to know what's expected. Keep up the great work
  6. Nice looking bucket Chris, I'm assume it's relatively quiet inside while wearing, no echoing like previous versions? How are the lens, easy to see through?
  7. Great job on the paint work Lee
  8. The mesh and gaffers will cover chest pill holes, the arms and shins, vinyl sheet and cut the rest. Unless the armor supplier provides you with exact decals matching your armor anything you buy from other 3rd parties may not be exact.
  9. Two wrongs don't make a right Germain
  10. All you have to do is replicate the process and the missing sections. I mean hell if we're really going to travel down and entertain the recasting idea why not.
  11. And while they're at it recast Mimic, it puts Anovos to shame anyways right?
  12. Welcome Chris, looking forward to your build.
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