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  1. Very cool, at a hefty cost lol. Hope you get the armor all cleaned up.
  2. lol, yea don't stress too hard
  3. He's a legion FOTK approved in an Anovos Alpha kit, this is his 2nd kit. Guess I should have been more clear on this
  4. Well it's August in So Cal, be prepared for anything lol
  5. Awesome looking forward to meeting so many of you
  6. Javier completed his over a month ago. He built it to the Anovos design with no changes. He's already a legion FOTK
  7. Snap mounts are pretty easy to be honest. I know all this may seam daunting however, there are many build threads on the subject as well as countless Centurions with interior photos illustrating placements, not to mention folks here to help. If you don't feel up to making your own there are kits you can buy, just glue in place and go. Hope this helps
  8. Much better though I personally would trim the smaller plate even further. Any edge or corner that sticks further than the armor is in danger of getting caught on something, not to mention a smaller plate would look more screen accurate, as per the reference photo.
  9. The measurements are not a requirement and so will not effect any level of approval if not followed. This does not to discredit wherever they were acquired from. The point is armors will differ slightly between suppliers so naturally what may work with some armor may not work with others. The key here is that the plates do not extended further than the Ab mounting surfaces as seen in the reference photo.
  10. The buttons look great, the return edge (flat section) should not extend out farther the raised Ab section. Should look more like this
  11. Lol, it's all good, just a slight difference of opinion. Like many here we're just passionate about armor , Paul's focus on the elbow gap is correct and I don't dispute that, my concern was the overall length of your arms and armor placement. Again, coming from someone who has long arms if my armor was built to his specs my forearm armor would be at the middle of my forearm. So, placement is relevant so it doesn't look odd. That said, dropping the biceps as low as they can go without popping out the bottom of the bells and minimizing the gap between biceps and forearms is key. If for some reason you find yourself with unusual amount of space between the forearms and hand guards I suggest consulting one of the DOs here as well your garrison's GML for advice as those will be the folks ultimately approving your armor. Keep up the great work
  12. Wow Shawn you're making so quick work with your build. Excellent!
  13. Not going to argue with you on a build page Paul but simply look at the photo I provided. It's not rocket science. Florian I apologies for the slight disruption. This is your armor build it as you wish, according to the CRL of course
  14. I always understood it meant the lower corner of the return edge. And that's how I approved applicants. Yes the top section needed to be trimmed a certain way but it wasn't the main focus.
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