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  1. Hey, thank you very much for your time and that very fast answer. I'm honored to be in the ranks of EI now It's really amazing to get so much tips and input to improve the armor! I will go through that information really thoroughly and i hope we can start to work on the requirements to try conquer Centurion soon. Thanks again! Greetings
  2. Richard Voss 40193 A4 TKSpartan Awesome, thank you! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/40193-eib.png 316
  3. COSTUME INFORMATION Armor: ANOVOS TFA beta kit Chestplate seam mod (wings cutted and reassembled) Chestplate chestslot mod (cutted and reworked) Biceps detail mod (3 step stairs) Shoulder bracket mod (àla Ukswrath) accurate fabric behind detail holes replaced front Belt Boxes with resin Belt Boxes (made by R2Dan) replaced Handguards with resin Handguards (made by R2Dan) Helmet: ANOVOS TLJ Standard Line Gaskets: ANOVOS Belt: Belts of The First Order Belt Pouches: custom made (by TK-72216) Holster: working metal holster (made by R2Dan) Undersuit: shiny pants and black top from Amazon Neckseal: custom made (by TK-72216) Boots: Imperial Boots Gloves: Endor Finders F-11D Blaster: 3D Printed (printed by Sanotized Creations) Name: Richard Voss Height: 176cm (5‘9“) Weight: 85kg (187 lbs) TKID: 40193 Garrison: German Garrison Basic Approval: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=26769&costumeID=408 About my action Shot: unfortunately I forgot my blaster, when we were taking photos of me in armor. While we still had to do an action shot, I was lent the Blaster of TK-51337. The Blaster in the single shots is my own (this single photos we taken a few days later). Of course, if required I can jump into full armor again and take a new action shot with my own blaster. Here is a picture with all of our F-11D's at once (mine is in the middle) Basic Shots (Guideline Points 1-5): Chest (Guideline Points 6-10): Detonator (Guideline Points 11-13): Shoulders (Guideline Points 14): Biceps (Guideline Points 15): Forearms (Guideline Points 16-18): Abdomen (Guideline Points 19-21): Cod (Guideline Points 22): Posterior (Guideline Points 23): Thighs (Guideline Points 24): Shins (Guideline Points 25): Ankle Spats (Guideline Points 26): Helmet Details (Guideline Points 27-30): Neckseal (Guideline Points 31): Undergarments (Guideline Points 32): Shoulder Gaskets (Guideline Points 33): Knee Gaskets (Guideline Points 34): Gloves (Guideline Points 35-36): Belt (Guideline Points 37-38): Boots (Guideline Points 39): Blaster Details (Guideline Points 40-45): To prevent confusion: We (Richard TK-40193, Daniela TK-72216 and Sebastian TK-51337) built our stormtroopers together last year - the local Rise of Skywalker premiere was our first troop as FOTKs. In January we submitted our armors for basic approval and passed it. We then decided to update the few parts that we hadn't initially built to the Level 2 and Level 3 standards and are now appliying for the next levels of approvement. Since we built the armors together almost every mechanism, closure method and solution to strapping problems is the same - there are small individual differences but nothing major. We took our new approvement photos before a green screen in our living room with a set up to lights over a couple of days so lighting and background should be consistent in all three of our applications. Thank you very much for your time!
  4. Hello, TK40193 requesting 501st access please https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=26769&costumeID=408
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