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  1. This is the best tutorial I have come across for ears. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Looks good. I have the same rivets and I'm about to do the same thing. Haha
  3. Thank you! I was about to nuts trying to get these snaps to roll down straight.
  4. Another reason to never troop alone and always use common sense.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. You are a true scholar sir. [emoji3]
  6. Thanks Joseph.I just bought a heat gun for another project. I will test it on some scrap ABS first. So after you heat them up you let them cool on their own?
  7. As the title indicates I am working on ATA armor and I have the shins nearly finished. I am test fitting them now and they close well and can be held closed with tape. But I am nervous because they are in constant compression when closed that I will have problems with them comining apart when walking or inconveniently in the middle of a troop. What can I do to fix this? I have seen some builders use boiling water but I have seen good and terrible things happen because of it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Remarkable work! I'm continually amazed by the talent and determination of this community.
  9. Much of the 3D printed work out there does not look this good. Stunning work!
  10. Why does the wicked witch music from wizard of oz play in my head when I see this?
  11. Here is the hat to go with it. http://shop.neweracap.com/style/SW-x-MLB-9FIFTY-Original-Fit-Snapback-Cap/20765697
  12. What does Star Wars have to do with baseball? Ticket and merchandise sales.
  13. What a thrill! How long before Disney makes that into a toy?
  14. Welcome Kirk. If you have not already get in touch with the Alpine Garrison. I belonged to that garrison for about 7 years before moving. They are among the most active garrisons so there are plenty of opportunities to meet up and ask questions. Also if you have not already read the "Getting started - Read this First" thread. Good luck
  15. I just ordered some. I will post again once they arrive.
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