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  1. Darman

    Broken images from photobucket

    Yeah, I agree, but that is a massive jump, from free to $40 per month. Maybe they should of started off with easing us in and slowly increasing the price annually. No way I am paying $40 a month. I lost quite a few personal, very detailed build threads on clonetroopers and BHG forums. Sad, but I deleted all my photos from photobucket and closed my account.
  2. Wow....Thanks for all the kind words. Very Humbling. Thank you.
  3. My E-ll Selector Switch on my Doopy-Doos resin 1:1 scale, snapped off at a troop. Can anyone help me source a replacement? I have been looking for a few months with no luck. Did get a 3D printed one from a guy, but it was not usable. Thanks guys, Bobby
  4. Can someone point me in the right direction? I search for it, but nothing popped up. My F/X armor is starting to yellow just a touch, want to catch it before it needs to be painted. I have a new set of RS coming, but won't get to build it until the summer. Also, Will setting the piece out in the sun work? I hear that it would, but wanted to see if anyone knew for sure. Thanks
  5. Darman

    Hans' (TPE) Resin DLT-19 Build

    Fantastic work. It looked so freaky in the translucent resin.
  6. Darman

    SE-R14 holster

    So, Rob from RS Propmaster sent over his Blaster/holster combo and Shawn sent me my new Blaster; both arrived on the same day. The holster doesn't have a blaster strap. Should it have one?
  7. Darman

    SE-R14 holster

    I got a hold of Shawn, He is send me one asap. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, guys.
  8. Darman

    SE-R14 holster

    Thanks guys, for all the help. I will make some contacts and hopefully pick up a blaster, then go from there.
  9. Does anyone know if the holster pattern for the SE-r14 over on the French forum is accurate? I made a template based on the measurements, but it looks off from the photo of RS Propmasters picture of his holster. I don't have nor can I seem to locate a SE-r14 so I have no way to test the holster to see if the gun fits. Anyone know a maker? Does the SE fit in a E-11 holster? I read that it does, but I am not sure.
  10. Tandy is the best place, ask for a shoulder. It is expensive though, if you are just making one. Check eBay for someone selling a remnant piece. You want something about 16" square to be on the safe side. I can send you a piece big enough for a holster if you have no luck any where else.
  11. Hey Bobby, I was hoping i could order a holster from you. I read your thread and liked the photos. I need one for a ANH Stunt, with a converted Hasbro E-11. Let me know whats needed to get you payment. Thanks, Dominick ( tried to PM said you couldnt receive new messages)

  12. Man, I will be glad when all my old holsters are cycled though. It is amazing just how big I was making them last year. Kyle, Send me a PM and I will send you a new strap. Great job on the kit!
  13. Darman

    new guy from Florida

    Welcome to the fun.