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  1. Wow, this is one fantastic WIP! Really love all the details. Too bad for the few mishaps, but it does not look like something you cannot fix. I am really looking forward to welcome you in our mids: KR, Twex, CO Dutch Garrison.
  2. Looking good my man! a suggestion: your right ab- and back plates shows a gap, where your left ab- and back plates overlap. you might want to look into that. At the minumun, trim off the overlap on the left a bit. (yes, it scary to cut your armor, but trust me, it will look so much better) also, please make sure that your ab- and back plates align at the top. other then that! go DG!
  3. Nice built! Besides the above pointed-out size issues, this is a very good built. IEB ANDCenturion worthy I would say.
  4. Hi, I was trying to post pictures for my Centurion status, but I have got this message: You can upload up to 6.37KB of files (Max. single file size: 6.37KB) how am I supposed to upload quality images, if I cannot upload more then 6.37 KB?
  5. unofficially: gast! geweldig! officially: nice RS build! before the real verdict comes, some points to consider: The dropboxes on your belt should allign the outside of the plastic ammo belt. They can be moved a couple of cm to the outside. You painted all bolts and screws either white or black, as it should be. however, the buttons on your crotch/cod armor, should not be painted. So you need to scratch the paint off there. Besides that: very nice indeed!
  6. Hi there, You did a good job, turning this FX suit, bought on ebay, into something nice. Some general advice, which you could take into consideration after the real verdict has been given: The CRL for Kidney armor states: ‘ Squared cut-out sections at the lower left and right corners of the Kidney Armor. The cut out is roughly 15 mm tall from the bottom and 10 mm in from the side.’ I do not see that in your armor. I don’t know if it will affect your application, but you should pay attention to how your limp parts are positioned. Your right lower arm seems to be twisted to
  7. Thanks guys! I will be working on my ab plate, biceps and blaster handle and all your other small suggestions. I AM SOOOO HAPPY!
  8. oh...off course... I was caught off gaurd... I did not link Themal detonators with screws...
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