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  1. I bought a large 15" trooper plushie that I leave buckled up in my back seat. Everyone likes riding in the back and taking photos with my "son".
  2. TK Rome

    Your theme music

    Baby got Back by Sir Mix A Lot. This trooper likes a big derriere.
  3. I'm 6'1" pushing 270 and I'm in AM. got approved everything looks good but my thighs sit a little low like the trooper above. I have a few inches of black showing between my thighs and belt, how would I shim my thighs to make look like they're higher?
  4. The guy that made the Millennium Falcon drone is back and he's made a TIE Interceptor! Our drones will strike fear in the hearts of the Rebel Alliance. http://www.cnet.com/news/tie-interceptor-drone-is-the-meanest-starfighter-in-the-galaxy/#ftag=YHF65cbda0
  5. Dang I'll be there may 4-10 honeymooning. Should have planned it a week or two later huh?
  6. Wow that really sucks. People can be so mean. I know when I started putting my armor together I was really worried and self conscious about how I would look since I'm pushing 300lbs and white isn't a very thinning color. Luckily I have some height so it spreads out a little evenly. But even when I brought it up, other troopers were like "F that" who cares what other people think or say. It's all about fun and helping the community. Very sad that some people have a certain idea of what a certain character or cosplayer is supposed to look like. Big thumbs up trooper. Do you and screw the haters.
  7. Apparently people got to lazy to pronounce the N at the end of my name, Romen. So since I've always wanted to be a stormtrooper i just added a TK prefix and that's what i use now, TK Rome.
  8. TK 11025 requesting 501st access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18116
  9. I think the only bummer is that it's set up for only one day on the cruise. Would be really cool if they made the whole week long cruise star wars themed.
  10. I spotted these too last night! For me it was a dilemma, get some more TKs or the mini atat? I settled for the atat for now and then I'm buying several of these kits.
  11. Really? I rock the AM and so do a couple other guys in IE Squad and I've yet to hear anyone say a thing about the AM armor. Maybe because it's a derivative of the NE armor which in turn is based off the FX armor? Either way, no legion member should ever put down another member for their armor. That's just being a bully. Even if someone showed up in an unmodified rubies armor set, it just might mean they didn't know about fisd or any of the other places to get info about armor. As a legion prospect myself, I feel it's everyone's duty to help inform and encourage others about proper armor and equipment with an attitude. And to those that do try and bully others, shame on them. The 501st is a way for us to escape reality and the harshness of life so we can come together to have fun and bring joy into the life of others while we do it. The legion shouldn't tolerate armor snobs.
  12. I feel that FX armor shouldn't be eliminated. I think it's ok that it's no longer passable for 501st approval only because now there's so many better a variants of armor now. But to those who still use their old FX I still say go ahead and rock it. It shows the beginnings of the 501st and where we cam from.
  13. Snaps: yeah I figured just zap it. I gorilla glued it but I did it wrong and the top was digging into me just above my knee and after a few steps it just popped off. Sithlord: I did a fair bit of swearing. I said things within earshot of my nephew and i spent a week trying to get him to stop. Polartrooper: I find after a few hours of yelling at my armor, some fireball whiskey soothes the throat and keeps the cold at bay.
  14. I thought of heating up the knee plate. My armor is the AM kit which I believe is a derivative of the old NE kits. I'll try to post a pic if i can.
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