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  1. Then I'll get the photos ready for submission then. But I will get the sniper plate fixed before I apply for Centurion. Thanks. Thomas
  2. So far I'm still waiting on the replacement shin/sniper plate. I've been in contact with them but it seems to me like its taking longer then it should. I'm also still waiting on the replacement shoulder straps, the others were a little short and the chest plate is to high, basically almost choking me. I can troop with it like this but it definitely needs to be fixed. I'm waiting on the replacement before I apply for EIB.
  3. TK25055 requesting 501st access Thanks http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17435 Thomas
  4. Thanks for all your help and advice. I'm still pretty new at this and I'm still learning and I didn't notice it at first. But now I can definitely tell that it's way out of position. It also looks like they put the shin together off, from the back pic, you can see the left side is lower then the right and this also throws off the shin line and wont let the sniper plate match even if it was put on right. I'm going to resend RS another email. Part of the reason I went with RS was because of their screen accuracy. Thomas
  5. I hope this worked this time. As you all can tell, I'm not a computer wizkid.
  6. Sorry I only sent the one pic. I'm still trying to figure out how to post pics. I sized these down a little but I hope I didn't size them down to far. Also on the rear pic, let me know if that looks normal. Hawkfan I know you have RS, so I was wondering if yours looks the same. It looks to me like the shin armor is off a little. The left side looks a little lower then the right side when they put it together.
  7. As soon as figure out how to post more pics, I'll get them here. I took the pics and now I'm trying to us IMGUR to get them uploaded so I can us the URL
  8. I've been looking at some of the Centurion request threads for RS Props and I have noticed the same issue with some of the other armors. So I didn't know if this is just how they do it or if mine is just the odd ball. Kinda bummed if it is because part of the reason I went with RS Props was due to the fact that they are EIB out of the box. Pictures coming once I get home. Thomas
  9. I'll try taking a better photo sometime today and let you guys decide. I just get word back from RS Props and they said I wont get it off and they used Stelmax. Thomas
  10. I figured that was going to be the case. Since I didn't assemble it, I'll have to ask them and see what they say and post that here.
  11. I've received my RS Props armor a month ago. I have made a couple adjustments and from the pictures I've posted, I've been told the sniper plate was glued in the incorrect position. It needs to be moved up. Here is a link to some pictures to show what I'm talking about. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/28296-pgpdpig-asking-for-help-comments-and-advise-on-the-armor-fit/ My question is, how do you remove a glued sniper plate without damaging the sniper plate or the shin armor? I could use some serious help because I'm eventually planning on going for Centurion. Also my forearms could be a little smaller in circumference, so I'm planning to take them in a little. Is there a safe way to unglue them at the seems so I can trim them, then reglue them? Any and all comments and help would be great. I'm still new at this. Also if anyone sees anything else that needs to be adjusted, please let me know. Except for the butt plate, I need to heat bend it to make it fit better. It makes my butt look fat. Thomas
  12. I'm hoping that putting the new shoulder straps on and adjusting one of the Ab/chest plate straps, that will lower the chest plate and not choke me. I only had these couple of pictures that someone took and sent to me, so I know they aren't the best for showing everything. I need to take some more detailed ones that show things better. Ron, My armor is RS Prop Masters. I got them to strap it so I'm hoping that everything is in the right place. The biceps actually fit pretty well, there really isn't much room to bring them in. But yes, the forearms are definitely a little big and need to be taken in some. I have to much play in them. I think I'll need to adjust the shins, I noticed I have the left one a couple of inches lower then right shin and that kind of makes it look a little off. Thanks for the comments and I'll try to post more pictures to show some more details. Thomas
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