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  1. Looks like my access got dropped at some point, can I get re-enabled? TK-32917 Star Garrison https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19830&costumeID=126
  2. Got a bit of an update. The recruit received his box today. I got a couple pics but hard to tell since its a shadowtrooper and wasn't well lit. Another friend of ours (old hat 501st) saw it closer, he says looks like a mix of recast FX and AM1. There's also no return edge anywhere on the kit, other than the chest plate. The recruit emailed the guy and asked if he could return it, and surprisingly, the guy responded within a few minutes. The guy claims these kits are approvable by the 501st, depending just on how it fits you. The maker also claims to be unaware of what the term "return edge" means... But english is clearly not his first language. As it turns out I'm hosting an armor party at my shop on Saturday, so I'm curious to see it in person, and I want to take some good pics to warn other folks.
  3. Just to show you, here's what it looks like when you print the PDF at 1:1 on a large format printer. Matches the ABS prototype perfectly.
  4. Been working on this for a bit, and thought I would share my end result with the community. I think it'll probably help quite a few people. Who knows, maybe even become a sticky or something. Many yards of butcher paper died bringing us this information. If you have an AM2 helmet and want to make your own Echo-style helmet fan mount, print out this PDF on and just cut it out in ABS or something similar. I've got it scaled so it should print 1:1, and fit an AM2 helmet like a glove. In this case, I made it the right length to hug the helmet all the way around, so the battery boxes would be on the inside (facing your head). This is so I can get to the batteries easily without having to take the thing out. Here's the finished template as a 1:1 PDF http://brandoncrismon.com/501st/crismon_am2_fan_template.pdf And here are the raw 11x17 scans of my prototype. Obviously didn't fit on the scanner, so the weird lines are to help match it up: http://brandoncrismon.com/501st/crismon_am2_fan_rawscan.pdf
  5. Doesn't appear to be. tkarmor.com redirects to mytkarmor.com. But tkarmour.com goes to this site I'm talking about. Thats armour spelled with a u.
  6. No, the box hasn't arrived yet, but he has already paid. We haven't seen it in person yet. I wasn't aware he was looking at it before he made the purchase, or I would have warned him. Being the GRL, I've got like 34 recruits I'm talking to and helping along with different costumes at various stages of the process. There's lots of Anovos plastic dust flying these days in garages across our city. But this is a new kit I've never heard of, just trying to find out whats up with it, and put a warning out there if its a known recaster or something.
  7. Yeah the recruit mentioned that he talked to someone from AU that had one of their kits and it was approved, so thats where he heard of them. I agree on the length of the pole, but the damage is already done since he made the purchase. Just wondering if anybody knew who they were. I find it odd that they mention on the front page that they are not re-cast, yet the back looks very much like old AM. And they also say they are the only 3-piece helmet on the market.
  8. Hi guys I had a recruit recently purchase a kit from TKarmour.com which is a vendor I hadn't even heard of before. Searching on FISD I only find like two mentions of them on the whole site, and they are from like a month ago. Wondering if anybody has any good intel on who these guys are. Maybe someone we already know about that changed names? The fact that they have a straight-up website selling TK armor is the first red flag, and their parts look like possibly recast AM1.0? The chest and back for sure look like AM1.0. But from the other pics, its hard to tell, but I don't even see any return edge on the arms and legs and such. I don't want to tell him he wasted his money, but this is why all the advice out there is to read and research before you send money. I've helped people build something like 17 TKs in my garage now, so I'm pretty well prepared to help regardless. Just curious on what we've got.
  9. Got my pilot and TK boots in today, very happy with both. Thanks!
  10. Just got my refund from PayPal. What a waste of time. Just logging it here so others can see... Sheesh, maybe I'll start casting parts and put up a web store. Wouldn't be very hard to top Doopydoos.
  11. Doopydoos didn't respond to the dispute that I raised with PayPal, so I just escalated it to a claim.
  12. Just filed a PayPal dispute with Doopydoos. I ordered in Jan, its now April. The E-11 kit came back on Trooperbay last week, I ordered it, and received it in like 3 days.
  13. I ordered an E-11 full kit and a DL-44 kit together on Jan 22. Over 2 months now, still nothing. I've emailed them twice because I'm actually selling my house and moving out of state next week, which is a problem if I'm going to get this order. Still no response or anything. 4-6 weeks I get, but 9 weeks without even responding to my emails? At least respond so I can change my shipping address...
  14. Been slow going, but got some more progress on the helmet. Took my time on fitting the ears, and it seems to have paid off. Pretty happy with it so far. Also got my ESB-correct decal kit. Have a job interview out of state in a week, so I'm sure it'll even be slower-going if I'm moving.
  15. Worked on my helmet some today, go the perfect low-brow alignment I was looking for.
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