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  1. Welcome Braydon, I purchased my armor from RS with their full strapping kit. That will give you everything to have a finished suit for 501st membership with the exception of: -undersuit -boots -neck seal -holster -E-11 blaster RS offers those too, but from my and other friend's experience, don't bother with their boots, or holster. The blaster they offer is a Bapty type and depending on if what kind of TK type (ANH, ESB) it may not be suitable. But my memory is fuzzy on if the Bapty one is ok for approval, EIB and/or centurion ( you can read more about the artisan lev
  2. Typically the straps are 20mm. Here is a diagram from Troopermaster. RS is known to be a little off on the fine details as least from a Centurion level perspective. For instance for centurion, the crotch split rivet needs to be brass and unpainted. They often do it just in nickel. As for EIB, that's up to the reviewing officer.
  3. Echo

    It's official!

    Haha, I've been making some for our EP!C fire team. But I would make more. Maybe I'll start an interest list and do a big run of them to keep the costs down
  4. Echo

    It's official!

    Congrats! Now please report for death star latrine duty on level 22. You will be issued an official TK LASER PLUNGER.
  5. Nice! Looks great. Kidney plate seems a little high. Otherwise good fit.
  6. I use an old soldering iron. The side works well to melt cut edges, and the point works well to create a hole for snaps, rivets etc while simultaneously melting it.
  7. Looks great. I finally had a chance to start the one I bought. Will post a build thread soon.
  8. Very nice! Good fix. Stripes look great as does the whole helmet
  9. ENDOR PARTY CRASHERS Checking in... 14 Members with a few new recruits being added soon. TK-8616 Ralf Garcia TK-77847 Troy Manning TK-10427 Bryan Ferguson TK-6818 Ingrid Moon TK-54548 Sam Newcomer TK-8214 Mario Cardenas TK-5621 Rob Stelmar TK-11510 Patrick Duran TK-85254 Sam Kisseburg TK-31380 David Silva TK-27555 Derek Dougherty TK-19191 Francisco Owens TK-11423 Cory Leeper TK-55000 Kirsten Hall Out team has logged in 17 troops this year since our formation in January.
  10. Hi Tim, I use a short handled Philips screw driver. I place the point between the arms of the split rivet and lightly hammer down until the point of the screwdriver hits the back of the rivet head. This spreads the arms out enough to then I simply hammer the arms directly until they bend against the back of the armor. I also place a piece of wood under the head so that it doesn't get marks from any other hard surface. The wood is soft enough and should indent slightly from the head.
  11. I saw this at SDCC and thought it was a display for their booth. No idea they were planning to sell them. Here is a pic from their booth.
  12. Trying to respond to your PM, but work is really busy. Can answer one quick one though. Technically per the current CRL's centurion award requires only the crotch rivet to be brass since it is unpainted. The ab/kidney split rivets can be either since they need to be painted white. But the original suits were all brass split rivets so that one is up to you.
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