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  1. They are pretty amazing..still haven't built them yet though Wyatt hahaha. Still scared too
  2. I also came around to "Perfect Match Automotive Paint" (Pure White). It can be found at Advanced AutoParts. It has a creamy look to it.
  3. The screen used armor was made to flex. Especially the yoke part.
  4. Anyone have a source on what USA based paint could be used for painting the TFA armor. So that it matches the TFA TK Anovos ABS bucket. I know rustoleum 2x that Anovos recommended is pretty close but not perfect. Does anyone hve experience with dupli-color automotive paint?
  5. Good Evening Troopers. Painting the TFA TK is coming up in a few weeks and I know we have touched based on Rustoleum. Especially it being the better paint to match the fiberglass helmet. But the question is..How does the paint hold to the plastic for a long period of time? Came across some complaints of the Rustoleum x2 cracking in the plastic as well a bad glossy finish.Not sure troopers are not putting enough paint on the armor or just a bad can. I've heard Krylon dries a lot faster than rustoleum, but it doesn't have that much gloss as rustoleum has. It is a tough decision. what would you go for? Rustoleum or Krylon Fusion. Would you recommend a clear coat? I have been researching these paints.... -Rustoleum x2 Gloss White -Rustoleum Universal Gloss White -Rustoleum Automotive Gloss White -Krylon Fusion Gloss White -Krylon Max Gloss White Hope this helps others troopers that are trying to find the best solution. (Note. Not getting professionally painted, don't have the funds)
  6. RAL 9010 is accurate color. Off-White is what to shoot for.
  7. 9010, paint both the Helmet and armor. But 9010 isn't found in the US so it's hard to find here
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