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  1. Hi Jaxin, Welcome! Be sure to sign up and introduce yourself on the Southern California Garrison forums too. Lots of active helpful members.
  2. One thing that helps me with the knee plate is I took a piece of 1" foam and place it behind the top of the shin. I didn't even glue it in. After I put on the shin, I just shove it down in the top and its enough to keep the sniper plate from catching on my thigh.
  3. Welcome! One thing that may help is to see if anyone in the Ohio Garrison lives near you. Or if they have any armor parties planned. This could give you a chance to see a suit first hand.
  4. Hi, per your images, aligning the elbow end looks like it will give you the best look. When I built my RS I thought I aligned the wrist, but I must have aligned the elbow. It's amazing how you begin to forget little details even when you take lots of photo's and notes. It's kind of like being a first time parent, there is a lot you forget about when they were an infant once you've gotten through it haha.
  5. Hi Barney, welcome! Be sure to introduce yourself on the Southern California Garrison forums too. We have a pretty active Fire Team with a Facebook page Endor Party Crashers. (EP!C) If you are interested, we can add you to the group.
  6. Much better on the biceps. As for the forearms the pieces will align better once you trim the side edges that will butt together under the coverstrips. Best to start with the seam that is most visible and faces toward the front. Cut the sides to about 7-8mm from where there is a fold in the plastic. This will allow for a 15mm coverstrip to be glued over when those edges are butted together. As an aside, you can glue an inner strip to make the connection more durable. Cut this front seam first, then tape the halves together by aligning the wrist end of the pieces. You will probably st
  7. Returns on the biceps look a bit thick. The hooks look like the right size.
  8. 10mm is too much of a return on arms, legs and most of the torso IMO. 5-7mm will be better for comfort, look and durability. I already have a few cracks in places that are due to returns being too big. If you are using the original strapping brackets, the return will be about 12-14mm to allow for the screws to be set.
  9. Very nice work Jesse! You'll get there before you know it.
  10. I echo the sentiments written above. Thanks all for your hard work.
  11. Not that I have read. Just try to match your bucket as close as possible.
  12. Echo

    ANH in Navajo

    http://www.npr.org/2013/06/20/193496493/translated-into-navajo-star-wars-will-be First major film to be dubbed in Navajo
  13. The elastics are most commonly sewn together. That from what I understand is screen accurate. Rob from RS Propmasters told me they glue the elastics together to form loops when they do a build because that is how their original suit had them.
  14. Hi Mike, welcome. For your build, just about any kit will suit you. RT and NE may a little big. But would just mean you have to trim more. The getting started thread has lots of good info. Good luck
  15. Welcome. Returns are generally speaking a matter of comfort and subjectivity on most pieces. Also depending on the strapping method you plan to use for the torso, the returns will vary. A good rule of thumb IMO is 3-5mm on biceps and forearms, erring on the thinner side. Shins and thighs, about 5mm is good to start but as you fit it and adjust to your body you may want to thin that or even eliminate such as behind your knees. The torso (ab, chest, kidney, butt) I would say 5-7 for the outer returns , but many people like them thinner for aesthetic reasons. For the edges between plate
  16. Hi Evan, Yes that's the idea with the elastic and hooks for the shins. Not the most friendly to put on and off but the are screen accurate. Be sure to find a few examples in builds to help place them, as well as photo references of screen uses armor. One question about the cap rivet you used. It kind of looks like a pop rivet. The cap rivet should have no hole in it and have a round head that is about 7mm (need to check that size, I'll edit my post when I'm sure) A cap rivet has two round sides. It is also called a double cap rivet. Sorry if I was confusing
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