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  1. Hey Wyatt, What the ETA on a Order of Latex Gaskets ? and Price ? Thanks Vince
  2. hello, Any of newer current TFA members able to post a photos of the newer belt pouches and tell me what material it is ? Thanks Vince
  3. Hey TK's, Does anyone have or know where to get some the 3 Square buttons I need for the Belt ? or a way I can make them ? Thanks for any info and help...
  4. ordered from then a few times so far, and always had gotten my order within a week.
  5. Requesting 501st access plz Tk23000 - http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16121 Thanks
  6. Haven't tested it as of yet, still waiting to get me Icomm, but the fans I pretty quite
  7. Hey Guys.... So I had made a custom abs bracket for my fans, and the Air flow is pretty good, but it looked Plain so I had to add a little something to it
  8. Agree, I had emailed him that i pass on the deal, but he has asked if I would trade the t21, Pauldrons and Icomm, for a few of my limited edition Disney trading pins Not sure on the deal tho...
  9. Thanks Paul, The guy is askin $175 which I thought was High for it not being more accurate...
  10. Hey Guys, Quick Questions, I have seen this for sale or trade from a guy in my area at a garage sale. Just wanna know what this would be worth ? and or if this is a decent blaster ? I'm more lookin to get it to trade it myself for another type of blaster. Thanks for your Help.
  11. I will try the AA method, or switch out for smaller Fans for a bit more room...Haven t tried with a Mic yet... I made a few custom ABS brackets for the fan placements.... I get nice airflow, just the dang Humming,,,
  12. Only issue i find is a Humming sound from the Fans which is kinda noticeable, running 2 - 12v fans with 2 - 9v batteries..
  13. tried playing around with different angels with these fans, it was a really tight fit inside this ATA helmet.. Didn't think i had a Big head but guess so, so I decided to make this bracket type system, easy to remove just 2 nuts, and the Airflow it nice , straight to my mouth and nose area and feel it flowing up my face, no lens fogging or anything so far..
  14. Hey TK's, Just showing how I installed my first set of fans in my first Helmet build.... One Pic is of the Custom ABS bracket I made to hold the Fans and On/Off Switch, 2- 12V fans running on 2- 9V batteries off to the sides velcro'd on... The Other Pic is of the Fans Installed...I used the Mic screws to Bolt onto and install... With the placement of fans, the Air is pushed up into my face to the forehead area, and I wear glasses so should help with that, Planned on wear this Helmet for maybe 1/2 Hour watching t.v or something to test it out, but seams pretty good so far... Only issues is a real low Humming from the fans, but don't thing that will be an issues in a loud environments... Any thoughts ? Questions ?
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