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  1. Cap rivet for the thigh pack is most accurate. Split rivets are allowed under the current CRL for centurion level.
  2. Oh cool. Good to see how it's turning out Karin. Looks great.
  3. Hello and welcome to the Empire. Just curious, who did you get your TX kit from? Also if you haven't done so yet, check out the spec ops forums. They will have better info on questions you may have about your TX. http://www.501stspecopsdet.net/
  4. Thanks all. My enthusiasm for my new hobby is showing haha.. Its clear that I like to keep things in order, but one of the biggest motivators was making sure I never forget anything when prepping for a troop. heh. Organized on the outside, organized chaos on the inside of my head heh... My wife can attest to how forgetful I can be. I got the foam at a place near me called foam mart. Here is the stuff: http://foammart.com/cases/charester-2lb/ This type of foam does not off gas and is meant for archival purposes. As such, it can get spendy. I wanted a set up for the long term so I b
  5. My crate has a shelf with foam that the blaster fits in its holster Legs and arm in foam too
  6. Those look really great. Congrats given the ordeal you have had.
  7. There are various builds in the build threads. The titles sometime have [RS] in it to make it easier to spot.
  8. I have their PVC armor and I find that it has more elasticity than ABS. Meaning it will flex without risk of cracking. But of course it has its limits. But either choice is good.
  9. For EIB, you will need to remove the rivets on the sniper plate and glue them instead.
  10. I bought a RS helmet and armor kit with the fully loaded strapping kit. It gives you essentially all you need to put the suit together... rivets, brackets, elastic etc. only thing you might need is a brass rivet for the crotch if you plan to build to centurion standards. While they sell the other stuff, I opted to buy everything else through various vendors from these forums. Under suit I got from East Bay. A garrison mate of mine bought the boots from RS and didn't have good things to say about them. TK-Boots have been the best option but their supply is pending arrangements wit
  11. RS glues their elastic loops together because their original suit has them done that way. Most people sew them. I personally like them sewn too because they feel stronger. I used a sewing machine which was tricky but it worked.
  12. Welcome. Be sure to check out the Southern California Garrison forums and say hello.
  13. Actually have mine fastened to my fan mount and it positions right in front of my lips
  14. No need for a headset. I have it fastened to the inside of the helmet with a 3.5 cable attaching it to my iComm.
  15. I had one of these with my gaming headset and it works fairly well. http://store.gameshark.net/Tritton_AXPro_AX720_AX51Pro_AXPC_Pro_Mic/4845/272?scid=trittonsite Saw them being sold on eBay too check there
  16. Welcome to the other white meat. It tastes like wampas.
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