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  1. Nice read. Great work everyone! Tip of the bucket to TK-73511 for the great dedication and for sharing his story.
  2. I, too, went PVC. For me the selection came down to the sheen of it. Really like the bright white colour of it.
  3. Your bridges looks a lot like what I did. I ended up looking at screen shots and centurion applications. I'm guessing there's a bit I leeway here to fit different body types. I'd say you have it right now.
  4. I'm not sure how I put it but I think I have the outwards Velcro on the holster side (left) because it's easier to hold that side fixed while matching, aligning and securing with the right side. Especially if there's a blaster in the holster while doing it. When you are all dressed up it shouldn't matter since the TD will cover the join. I would be surprised if all the movie used ones were exactly the same. As far as I can see your belt looks great. Good call on the outer rivets. It's a small difference from RS measurements, especially when the cover is on, but I think the placement helps keep belt-flaring away. Next step. Be mindful about the placement of the holster-belt rivets. I'm sure you've got it covered but it's too easy to miss align if you look at the wrong examples. Rivets go near the bottom. There's a great diagram for this. Don't have the link right now but it's in my build thread. I also put a lot of time into the belt. Keep up the great work!
  5. Thank you Francisco and Jim! Both for the congrats and for your inspiring work.
  6. Jason, Jonathan and Anthony. Thank you! Centurion application is planned very soon considering the comments I got on this application. I just want to savour the EIB moment for a while. And a bit of weathering on the blaster would look good.
  7. Cheers Danny! And in other news. I was just awarded EIB for my armour. I'm now the newest (to date) EIB and the first of July 2014. I haven't done any major mods of it since it was built. Originally I had a few mods in mind but the more I thought, heard, and read about EIB I thought it's probably up to standards. Seeing how any mods were being put off for the future I figured the only way to get me started is to actually charge into the breach. So. After blood, sweat and 15+ troops I give you EIB 393 http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/27732-tk-74210-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-rs393/
  8. Thank you Steve and everyone who have chimed in with suggestions and well wishes! This was a well needed bit of good news on this otherwise drab tuesday. Now I'll have a sense of accomplishment today too. I'm beating myself up a bit for not putting my application up earlier as only minor mods have been made since the construction but, then again, now I feel I've earned my EIB with both blood (construction) and sweat (trooping). Thank you all and I look forward to continued service to the Empire and the Detachment.
  9. LeMaxim


    The thought have crossed several minds in the Garrison and there's an ongoing discussion internally about what to expect and what we can do. Seems like they've had access to a lot of goodies in making this game so let's all hope they'll stay true to the costumes and other props.
  10. Oh. Right. That must be it. It's interesting how different details pop. I hardly noticed it since I know it's the drop box elastics.
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