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  1. Hello and welcome to the Empire!!
  2. Welcome to the Empire Jackson!! Read, ask, and have fun!!
  3. Welcome to the Empire Matt! Always love to have new recruits!
  4. Good luck Gordon! Sometimes it can be a bit of a wait but it will be worth it! Looking good!
  5. Welcome to the Empire Lauren! Great to have you join up!
  6. I'm a bit tall for a stormtrooper, so when I get asked about being taller then the others I give them the "no I'm really Darth Vader doing the whole "Undercover Boss" thing"! That has gotten a laugh or two so far. I love some of the other responses on this tread! I'm using a few for sure
  7. Welcome to the Empire Andy! Read, read, read, and ask lots of questions! We are here to help!
  8. Welcome to the Empire Andy ! Yay, more shiny awesomeness!
  9. Hey Scott, welcome to the Empire! I'm 6'3" and have made my armor fit my frame with a few adjustments. Rob at RT Mod does a great armor for larger troopers. His stuff is excellent and scaled up just a bit so as to not throw off scale. There will be a couple of gaps but it won't be that noticeable! The main thing is centering up pieces when fitting so that the gaps are a little larger on both ends rather then a huge gap at one end. You can do it! If you have questions just ask. Tons of great people here on the FISD that love to help!
  10. Hey, you found your way here! Welcome Read, read, read, and ask lots of questions! I don't live far from ya so if you need a hand let me know. I also believe we are going to have an armor party soon. Keep a eye out for info soon!
  11. I was thinking the exact same thing!! Lol Just kidding
  12. Welcome to the Empire Steve! You are in good hands already by the sound of it! If you need anything drop us a line, we love to help
  13. Welcome to the Empire Mashery! Read, read, read, then ask lots of questions! We are all here to help! Drop us a line if you need a hand
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