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  1. I'm a bit tall for a stormtrooper, so when I get asked about being taller then the others I give them the "no I'm really Darth Vader doing the whole "Undercover Boss" thing"! That has gotten a laugh or two so far. I love some of the other responses on this tread! I'm using a few for sure
  2. I was thinking the exact same thing!! Lol Just kidding
  3. Welcome to the Empire Mashery! Read, read, read, then ask lots of questions! We are all here to help! Drop us a line if you need a hand
  4. DUDE, you are the MAN! I'm usually cold just standing around in armor
  5. Oh ya, I totally vote for Grumpy Cat! Oh, and ice cream, ya that too
  6. I agree with Fredrik. With just a few simple tools, mainly a clamp asst. and two or three small hand tools, it can come together pretty easily. Just ask for help along the way and many of us will talk ya through it and offer advise. The money you save can go a long ways toward other incidentals like your blaster or up graded pieces!
  7. It was truely an awesome troop! It is great people like these that remind me why I got into the 501st! And yes, our Maul is awesome! But then again, so are our Imperial Officers..... They can lead my armored butt into battle anytime! Thanks all
  8. Ahh, Vilfredo Pareto. I know his work well. Had to do a paper on his work in college! And yup, still holds true! And yup, "coughnerdcough"
  9. I spent most of the month tightening up my TK for Centurion. But, I have made a master list of materials I need to do my Vader. I signed up on the Sith Detachment and have been trolling around FS threads for the beginning pieces. Still on track for a Dec. approval! I did get a good lead at the Garrison Party though. Fingers crossed
  10. Hahahahahaha, that's beautiful!!! Now I'm gonna have to pay attention to where my bucket is pointing
  11. Mine is all of my families first stock car numbers when we started racing; 5 = my sons number, 4 = my number, 548 = my dads number. Hence TK 54548!
  12. Man, that is wrong on so many levels! Hahahahahahaha
  13. You can sit down?!?!?!?? You Are Awesome . I can't even kneel to talk to kids yet.
  14. TieRacer


    When I got my email from Rob I went nuts! My wife is starting to come around but at that point she thought I was going crazy ( which I know I'm not because my mother had me tested and said I was special ) and couldn't figure out why I was smiling soooo much! Good luck on your build and if you have any questions drop me a line!
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