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  1. I finished my shins the other night... And started gluing in my snaps... I'd forgotten how pleasant the smell of E6000 is (and what nippy little blighters magnets can be). Tonight I trimmed all my thigh parts... So that's now all my major body parts trimmed now. Just one or two smaller parts to do before I move on to the lid, which I've been putting off. It's not that I don't like doing them but they do stress me out more than the rest of the kit. It's just so iconic I always have worries about getting it right. Onward and upward!
  2. Thanks Cristian. RWA are fairly new on the block, it's their own sculpt they've been honing for quite a while. They started producing them for sale in May this year and are currently only supplying kits in the UK.
  3. Tonight was shins night. I'm 6'1" and my TM TK has quite a gap at the back of my knee (the shins are his standard length ones). With this in mind I ordered a set of longer shins from RWA, hopefully they'll do the job of closing up that knee gap a bit. Anyhoo, on with the pics. Tops trimmed first... Then the bottoms...
  4. Real life has been keeping me busy but I've picked up my Lexans and I'm back on it. Tonight's instalment is all about the drop boxes. As usual, I'll let my photos (and a bit of text) do the talking.
  5. No armour updates today, been busy with other stuff. However... Inspired by firebladejedi's TK build I thought I'd treat myself to a pair of Keith's HOVI Mic Tips. Glad I did, they are fab! Here's a pic of them with my new t-shirt that arrived today. I quite like subtle geekery, those that know will know and to everyone else... meh, I'm a fan of wholemeal bread! More soon.
  6. Continuing with my Detonator build. It's mostly tape & gravity at the moment as I forgot to pick my E6000 up. Doh! Anyhoo, here's the TD with some numbers for all you crazy cats that worry about all of that. *disclaimer* This is my 7 ½" Detonator. There are many like it, but this one is mine. These dimensions are based upon my own research and decisions. Go on, shoo, go and find this stuff out for yourselves, it's not obsession, it's just paying attention for goodness sake!
  7. Still not got around to trimming my thighs, have had other stuff to do (nothing as interesting as Ninja training classes though). Anyway, here are my Thermal Detonator end caps. I've run out of masking tape so I used insulation tape to mark it instead. Not particularly clear for you to see but I could, so it did the job.
  8. I've been making my snap plates tonight so thought I'd do a quick bunch of pics to show you how I do mine. Yeah, I know, yawn! More exciting stuff to follow soon, I promise.
  9. Torso time! According to the Shadow Stormtrooper CRL, the kidney and butt plate can be in one piece. Luckily for those of you who like that kind of thing, the RWA kit comes just like that. However, my heart lies with the ANH stylee so mine have been separated (which is also acceptable, phew). Here they are untrimmed and trimmed: Abdomen/cod plate untrimmed and trimmed: (not damaged, just has the protective coating ripped back) Chest plate untrimmed and trimmed: In my excitement I forgot to take an untrimmed photo of the back plate, so here's the trimmed one
  10. Personally I quite like the fact that the static burst is random on the ROM/FX. If it had only one type of "crackle" selected for the end of every sentence, I think that would sound less authentic than it just being a series of clicks at the end of a transmission. But hey, each to their own. As for lid/chest mounting, I've got mine in my chest (ROM, speaker & batteries). My mic cable (headset mic) runs down inside my neckseal and I connect it up as I put my torso armour on. At 6'1" many of the people I speak to are at chest height to me anyway so the sound eminating from my armour
  11. Okey doke, had a bit of time to continue my build... Inner biceps parts in untrimmed & trimmed: Outer biceps parts in untrimmed & trimmed: Shoulder bell: All the arm parts are now ready for fitting together. They may need a tweak trim here and there once that's done, but I'll cross that bridge (and show you what I did) if and when. Also had a delivery from the Imperial Supply Depot: a pair of aluminium TD clips and some armour polish. I'm not usually known for buffing my TK but as my TX is gonna be über shiny I thought I'd make sure I had someth
  12. Have trimmed the ends of all my forearm parts now, will leave the long edges until I start to fit them. I've also trimmed three of my biceps parts but will wait to post the pics until all four are done tomorrow. I know, what a tease!
  13. Thanks Mark. Yeah, they do cut quite a dash.
  14. I decided that I wanted to do something that was a bit different but still had ties to the TKs I love. Hence my choice of a nice shiny black TX. This weekend saw the arrival of my new armour kit from RWA. So, without further ado, this is my build thread! Apologies if all this appears as deja-vu to some of you as I'll be posting this on the UKG & Spec Ops forum too. My personal weapons of choice are these: I prefer to rough trim with my Lexan scissors, file to shape with some warding files, half round is my favourite. Then I sand with some pound shop (dollar store) sanding blocks that
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