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  1. Thanks man! It was a really fun time. Even if it wasnt even my suit
  2. A local reporter visited a local toy drive The Dune Sea Garrison was at over the holidays. They wanted to write an article about "extreme fans" and charity work that we do. They had us go out into the desert at night and do a photoshoot. I showed up and forgot that I had taken the lenses out of my TK helmet so our PR officer had me wear his clonetrooper for the shoot.
  3. just rebel propaganda. Like when they used Ewoks as meat shields.
  4. Thanks guys, it was a blast! And yes Pickles... thats a custom made Bane. The kids love that guy!
  5. Ya man, welcome to Centurion LOL. Great build, thanks for sharing and letting us admire your build.
  6. You are not alone buddy. We are here to help if you have questions. Believe me, I spent 7 pages on my build thread asking question after question.
  7. I am in my TK. This was also my buddy's first troop in his approved TK.
  8. Signed her guestbook. Please pass along a hug and prayers from out here in Arizona. *Bucket off
  9. Vern, get well soon buddy. Hope you are feeling better soon.
  10. http://www.whitearmo...icture-heavyam/ My arms are similar in size. Page 2 and 3 you can see how I shimmed mine to fit me. If you want to post some pics of where you are at with your build, we can suggest some sound solutions for ya buddy.
  11. are your arms too big or too small?
  12. The answer to your question is personal preference. I can only answer with my journey that started in Feb. I went with AM because it would fit me and I didnt know much about accuracy at the time. It was white plastic that looked like a Stormtrooper to me. I build my kit and was approved in July. Since then I have replaced the AM chest and back for RT-Mod parts because of how squared and chunky the AM parts are. If I could do it all over again, I would have saved up some more money and went with RT-Mod or emailed my measurements to Troopermaster to see if a his kit would fit with my body type. This is all based on looks alone. Once you spend hours looking at photos and building, many folks are bit by the accuracy bug and want to look exactly like what you saw on the screen. AM is not accurate. If I were to pick a kit based on looks between AM and ATA.... Go with ATA. If you end up finding some AM armor somewhere, dont get the helmet. Go with an ATA helmet. Hope, that helps you buddy.
  13. Hey man, Im part of the Arizona Garrison (Dune Sea Garrison). I would be glad to help you out. We have some really helpful folks that have tons of experience putting together a TK. Send me a PM and we can talk some more. I have an AM base kid myself so I can give you some feedback on the pro's and con's of it. Isaac
  14. You can still use them for storage and get EIB. The requirement is that you have closed drop boxes. You can close them with magnets so that you can open them when you want to. I was thinking of doing this myself at some point. However the boxes get knocked around quite a bit while walking and posing so I would not trust anything valuable inside of them. I could be wrong, I just know mine take a beating from time to time. If you want to store things, I have seen people use their Thermal Detonator used to hold keys and such. Either way, close the back with inner drop boxes and you will look better buddy.
  15. Good work Website crew! Its a cool feature that is useful. You don't see that very often. Well done!
  16. that is impressive to nail that close one the first go. It will be personal preference but you can trim them down closer to the buck line and they will not have that "wavey" part around the outside from the moulds. I did not do that on my first build because I was worried about gaps so as soon as I got them flush, I stopped. Now I will take them down to the buck lines and they look great. It sounds like you are shooting for basic 501st approval with your build. I was in the same place when I started building my TK. I would encourage you to find that fine line between screen accuracy and living action figure. Keep a list of the Expert Infantry requirements close by during your build and check them off as you go. It is not hard to get if you start your build with EI in mind. I can tell you from personal experience that its a great feeling knowing you are one of a few hundred who have taken their build to the next level and earned that award. You clearly have patience so don't be afraid to have a go at hand painting your helmet. In the end it really does look cooler than the stickers and its one more thing to show off when people look at you suited up and their jaws drop. Good luck! post a TON of pictures bro. I'm re-living my helmet build through you right now.
  17. What Glen said ^^^^ about the teeth. You did a great job on the eyes! I think thats the hardest part of the face trimming too.
  18. I set a goal to drop 30 lbs and go from EIB to Centurion.
  19. I have an ATA lid. I tried pressure and like Vern said, it didnt work for me. It kept pulling up when I would put my helmet on. I found some tips on here about using superglue in little drops every inch or so. Worked like a charm for mine. I haven't had it come off yet. I would take a few pics of the S trim before you glue it though just in case you go for EIB or Centurion down the road before you glue it.
  20. thats awesome! I want it for my kids when yours outgrow both of those suits! I have twin five-year-olds.
  21. I use hot glue and some of that upholstery foam you get in sheets and it works well and you can pull it off when you need to. I don't notice any smells. You might want to try that and sniff test it afterwards.
  22. Grats on the new crew! Good luck to all of you guys!
  23. Thanks "Pickles" LOL I cant get over the new nickname!
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