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  1. I should point out other FISD people in the pics. The TK's were Cardiac, Denver, Q, and myself.
  2. Great ideas! I was really good about keeping things organized at first but now I often forget
  3. Dune Sea Garrison and Rebels supporting the Leukemia Walk in Tempe Arizona. Nov 2012. This was a night walk so the pics are a little dark.
  4. A local toy store does an annual toy drive at Christmas. We get all of the local costume clubs together and divide the donations up and use them as gifts at visits to the Phoenix Childrens Hospital. This year we had Avengers, Mandos, Rebels, and the 501st. I am the TK wearing the orange pauldron. I am building a TD and wanted to break in the pauldron for a non cannon troop. http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg562/isaacaz/65070_10151270254757421_551888993_n.jpg
  5. Thank you Ingrid. As a father of twin boys that are the same age as those taken from us yesterday, I am devastated. I was holding up OK until I saw the picture of the kids being escorted out of school and the fear and confusion on their faces. I lost it. I do feel I have to get two things off my chest and I feel like the FISD community are my friends so I will vent for two points. Two things I found disturbing about reactions to this tragedy: 1. People jumping on facebook and using it to push gun control agenda. (Not you at all Ingrid, I'm just assuming everyone's facebook has the same posts I am seeing on mine). 2. Media interviewing those kids. "Were you scared?"..."Did you hear the gunshots?" To return to Ingrid's point. I am new to trooping as I was approved in July and have only had 8 troops so far. I always carry my blaster for pics and hold it across my chest or aim it up in the air. When kids want pictures taken I can never holster it fast enough so I typically end up leaning forward and hold out a hand for a high-five while I move my blaster around my back and hide it from view. This seemed to work well in the past but I think it will be awhile until I am personally comfortable walking around with it at all. I would encourage people to be aware and use good judgement.
  6. It was a random goof off day. I didnt know they were filming. They shot this when I was still fitting my armor so I jumped at any chance to wear it around for a few hours to see how the fitting worked without it being a real troop. I would roll around on a Segway with it too. If you pause it at 2:19 you can see me on the right standing and clapping at someone walking by with my old junk armor bin with everything piled in it.
  7. If it was the final versions of the armor I think it would. They are looking at getting feedback at this point so what is being shown may not be what is in production. I heard AM/NE started a thread but didnt know it was in the 501st area or I wouldnt have posted this thread. Sorry mate for the confusion WhiteNight.
  8. Look at about 2:40ish into the video. You can spot me walking around in my armor. Isaac
  9. Admins, please delete. I didnt see the other thread.
  10. You can sell the rubies on ebay and buy a more accurate kit that will be a fraction of the work to get approved.
  11. The helmet still passes basic 501st req's. You're good until you can upgrade. Handplates you can trim down but Karin's will look better and you can go Centurion with them. Same goes for the shorter drop boxes. Bring those up so they are just barely under the belt. You can find some great pictures up top under Photo reference. These are all just to help you look better from just looking at the pics real quick, you should pass basic 501st. You did a great job fitting the suit to your body. Not an easy task for us AM folks. In fact, I think your suit looks way better than my AM turned out. Keep an eye out for a new AM helmet too, I have seen some hints of a new helmet coming really soon. Not sure how it looks yet so the jury is still out. I went with ATA and love it. I have also wore RT-Mod's helmet on a few troops and it was easier to get in and out of for us big head people.
  12. Please someone make a few of these suits. I have twin 5 1/2 year olds that would love this.
  13. Looks good man, from another AM owner I know how hard it is to put together! I would suggest you trim down the return edge on the back of the thighs where you cut them. Make it a more gradual transition from no return edge to the return edge. This is just to make sure it doesnt crack and start a tear. There can be some stress on it. I would get feedback from an ESB expert though to make sure Im not steering you wrong. Its not a build issue just a trooping issue. Great job man!
  14. are the shins using the bra hook method? Looks amazing buddy! Great job.
  15. Very cool man, sorry I missed it! My twins had the stomach flu on Friday and then I got it Friday night. Missed the MS walk and the Con.
  16. Can you post pictures so we can see what you have so far? We can help a little better if we can see it. Did you use e6000 for glue? You can take that stuff apart without messing up your armor.
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