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  1. Mike spent more time on my armor than I think I did. I'm a bigger trooper so that presented many challenges for Mike. We got to EIB and that was mainly because of Mikes patience with me. He's not only good with the specs of the suits. He's a great motivator as well.
  2. I'm 6'0 and 240. I have wrestled my whole like so I have thick legs and I got EIB with AM armor. I upgraded to RT mod chest and back because it's wider. You can search my user name and watch my build and updates. The key is teaming with local garrison mates and getting help during the build. Every garrison has someone that is an expert at any given costume. Yes, you can pull off a TK. It's not for nothing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This is where it lands on my neck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. My neck is 18 inches and the mic barely goes half way around my neck. I turn it sideways and it almost picks up some voice but it's not very good. I have to turn the acker up high and then I get really loud static burst and low voice. I'm super bummed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks for posting the video and review. I just ordered mine. Anyone else in the US have an estimate on the basic air-mail option from them?
  6. Congrats Eric. Manny and Vern - Thanks for stepping up and running as well. I look forward to some big things from all three of you guys this year.
  7. My best advice, is to wear your suit a few times and then start making adjustments. When I was building mine, I thought about all of the mods I wanted to make to the inside of my bucket almost daily. Then I wore it for a few hours at local troops. I wanted cool gears and electronics for show in case someone wanted to look inside and all of that. Now, after a few years with a TK... I have random foam blocks hot glued in different parts of it to make sure it stays put and so I can actually see out of the eyes. Here in Arizona it's hot so draining your bucket is a real thing. It sounds like the flocking would look cool but shoot you in the foot down the road. I ended up painting the inside of my bucket flat black and that is where the mods stopped At the end of the day, it's your helmet. You're gonna need to love it. Regardless of how you mod it, you're still going to get goosebumps when you are suited up and pull it over your head regardless. We all do.
  8. well we know they have the suits in storage at this point. We know Mary Franklin produced it. What are the odds that she will let someone get the specs so we can make some suits? They will want us in full force promoting the movie as it gets closer to opening night - What are the odds from those that know her?
  9. I want to hug you right now brother! I have been looking for a solution to my mic issues and could never find anything good on thoat mics. I wanted to try one or see someone else's setup and your video sold me on the idea. Looking forward to just putting my helmet on and not spending time trying to adjust the mic in the helmet.
  10. Thanks for the feedback Eric! I really appreciate you taking a look at everything. I'm debating the painting of the shims still so that's why the rivets are still brass. I will finish shaping them either way. These are newer shims I added after dropping a few inches since my original EIB application. The rivets are the correct size, I will throw a ruler up with them if I end up going further. I'll do the same with the thighs. I had to bondo them, glue the cover strip over that, and then paint them. I'll get closer pics of them up soon. The trap paint is an easy fix, as is the rest of the suggestions. Either way, I can re-do them just to look better regardless of going Centurion or not. Regards, Isaac
  11. Thanks Jim. I think its the nature of game. Always looking to make our kits as perfect as possible giving the sizes and shapes we come in.
  12. I know Eric is offering feedback now, and I look forward to reading his suggestions for "next steps." I'm all ears for anyone else's comments too. Thanks Isaac
  13. Here is an update about a year later as to what I've done since I got my EIB and looking ahead to Cent at some point. I have upgraded the blaster to a Doopy Doo resin kit and metal scope rail: I have added new shims with the six split rivets (haven't painted them yet: I have hand painted where the decals were on the helmet: I have lost just over 3 inches in my waist and in my thighs so the legs fit a little better these days. I have upgraded the chest and back to RT-Mod since my original application and moved to bars/bolts for strapping. I also added the male snap to the right side of the ab plate. Oh, I also upgraded the ab button plate to a TM one with better defined ribs and buttons to replace the metal ones that came with the original AM kit. Please offer any pre-cent application advice that you have time to offer. I still need to upgrade my TD. Thanks! Isaac
  14. Nailed it! As someone who is considering going under the microscope of applying for Cent, there is nothing more unmotivating than seeing replies like: This is wrong. Your ____ isn't right. or even worse: "well you meet all the checked boxes so I'll pass it." Offering suggestions to help move forward to correct issues is a huge plus. Phil was really good at that. I read a comment on one of his reviews that basically said, the thighs were off so if the applicant cant bring the thighs up, lets look at your strapping and drop the cod down. Here's to hoping we see more than just TM/RS kits applying too
  15. Eric, The EIB to Centurion suggestions is a big step forward. I love the idea. I'll be honest, once I got EIB and because my suit is a mix of AM/RT-MOD - I gave up on trying to go higher. I love the idea of a pre-application thread where we can post a few shots and get feedback and advice. Something like that could give me the confidence that the higher award is within reach.
  16. Nice newsletter this month! I even went and got a coin I didn't know was for sale so thanks! Isaac
  17. In the top photo it looks like they are switched. I good test is to put them on the opposite legs and see how they feel. They should feel a little more comfortable if you switch them and walk around a bit. Did you use e6000? Also, the cover strip doesnt go all the way down over the bottom ridge on the thigh. You can snip that part off and the sniper plate won't catch and pull it like you see in your pics. I had that same problem when I made mine. Since I made the cover strip out of the trimmed thigh piece. It made sense to make the cover strip run the whole length of the thight including the bottom ridge. Once you trim that off, you'll walk quite a bit easier and not feel like you're messing up your thighs. Your build looks great though! You look better than I do in mine. Isaac
  18. I started really making an effort about 6 weeks ago. My wife and I got a gym membership and I've been doing some lifting and then 45 minutes of cardio every night. I am 6ft and started at 252lbs. I weighed myself a few days ago and Im at 250lbs. The big difference is that today I tried on my TK and had to remove a shim because of the extra room. I was pretty excited. *Im not posing here - Im holding the gap closed where the shim was to show how much I removed* I have a goal to finally get into a Troopermaster. I've talked to him for about a year now and as soon as my measurements can fit into one of his kits without shims, I will place my order. I'll keep you updated. Isaac
  19. Darman, That's awesome. I'll say it again, both your holster and Vern's are great! Im stoked to hear that you are constantly improving on the design and build of them. Your holster is exactly what I wanted and needed during my build. In fact, I use it with my Tie Fighter and your wife's neckseal gets double duty between both costumes. They still look brand new a year and a half later. Keep up the good work bro. Your family provides a great service to the 501st as a whole. Regards, Isaac
  20. I have both Vern's and Darman's holsters. I love them both. Vern's fits like a glove and will ask you what blaster you are using so that it fits perfect. He goes the extra mile and you pay a premium for his work. Darman's is a bit thicker and doesn't have the same level of craftmanship, but it was also less expensive. To answer your question though, they are both ready to rivet out of the box. Vern's, came with the black rivet and leather strap unattached so I could double check the size before it was fastened to the holster. Darman used a chicago screw on his. Those are my personal experiences with both suppliers. Both are really good. Vern has more heart and soul craftmanship and is a little more money. Darman is cheaper and a little more assembly line. In the end, Im happy with both.
  21. one kid acts like he wants a picture. Stormtrooper starts to pose while another kid sneaks behind the trooper and gets down on his hands and knees behind the trooper. The kid who is standing in front of the trooper rushes him and pushes him. The kid behind the trooper blocks him from backing up and was is supposed to block the troopers legs from stepping back. The trooper looks like he see's it at the last second and stepped back with a leg and OVER the kid tripping him and just falls back and catches himself on the wall. The kids get up and run away on skateboards. It's an old Jackass prank.
  22. Gabe, Go outside in the sun and take a picture of your ab buttons in natural light and post that picture. Taking the picture inside with bad light makes them look way too dark. I've seen his suit in person and the colors are correct, its just the cell phone photos he submitted in the shade and inside are making them look really dark.
  23. Michael, thank you for not giving up on your thread. I have learned a lot about building these watching your progress. You gave great examples of what to do right and how to correct things when they go wrong. I look forward to seeing the next stages of your build. Isaac
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