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  1. Looks pretty good to me..I was wondering on the tube stripes is that blue smear around the lines? Maybe clean that a little bit and would be perfect..I have a thread on tube stripes with no bleed through in the how to section if you'd care to look..
  2. It's a try..I emailed them a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to get a size 11....Good luck
  3. That's what i'm talking about...Exactly what i'm wanting to do when i get my armor...Great photos
  4. While you were waiting for your armor might have been a good time to do some research...We all have been there..
  5. Thanks All...I can't wait to get approved and start Trooping..
  6. I'm newer here and met some nice people already. I bought the AP helmet and armor kit..I have had some help from some great people from FISD and my local Wisconsin Garrison and just wanted to post some pics of my bucket being built..I'm going to do a Centurion ANH Stunt TK and i hope to have the rest of my armor very soon.. Here are some pics from start to finish..Hope you enjoy as much as i did making it.. ----------
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