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Chewie Jones

501st Stormtrooper[TK]
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    rubén dogliani montolio

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    Rosario - Argentina


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    First South American ANH Centurion

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    Argentina Garrison
  1. TK 6018 Requesting access. Tks. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=11481
  2. Welcome to the EIB ranks my brother !! You did a great job! You're the pride of Colombia !! ...In August our first Troopeada in Rosario, Argentina. A big hug !!
  3. Great job Yess !!! Very nice!! Congratulations on being the first Stormtrooper Colombia. ...Soon there will be the "Outpost Colombia." From here all our support for that mission ! Good luck in your application, my brother !!!
  4. Welcome to FISD Jeremy! The important thing is to enjoy the process of construction. Take your time, See pictures and tutorials. Greetings from Argentina!
  5. Hello, when will I get my certificate? A greeting!
  6. Hi Phil! Before cutting, I would make sure. 1 - Is it right to make the cut as indicated by the red line? 2 - I do a cut as indicated by the blue line? 3 - Detachment front to cut? Any advice for front off? (I used E-6000) Thank you very much for the tips! Greetings!
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