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  1. Excellent thread. Thank you for the detailed pics. I've just started tearing one of these apart for my son as well.
  2. Congrats and welcome to the GGG!
  3. Amazing work and thank you for the detail. Sharing my organized (OCD) links for the greater good. I'm certain there are a few posts that don't have an entry. Let me know if I've missed or messed up any links. Cheers. Table of Contents: ukw - Ab Boxes ukw - Ab Boxes: final assembly ukw - Belt ukw - Belt pt 2 ukw - Belt Assembly ukw - Biceps ukw - Biceps Accuracy ukw - Chest Plate Indent Mod ukw - Chest Plate Accuracy Mod ukw - Chest Plate Accuracy Mod pt 2 ukw - Chest Plate Accuracy gap fill 1 ukw - Chest Plate Center and Pill Boxes ukw - Chest Plate Accurac
  4. Rey was also carrying the blaster rifle left-handed fashion. She's right handed. Shot was flipped or JJ is just messing with us.
  5. Approved! I have a few more tweaks to complete for Police Officer status (including adding the front scope to my RT-97C). I learned quite a bit on this build. It was like 3 suits in one for me with the backpack and weathering (reworked it 4 times until I achieved the desired look, whew).
  6. Basing it on the roadblock v2 Sergeant (shouldn't have the hip pouches). Initial goal is all SWAT details minus the specific weathering and pouch/gun combo. I like personalizing my weathering while adhering closely to the screen look. Also, I have several guns I want to swap out on troops. But I do plan on opening a SWAT thread once I have PO status.
  7. Progress was halted due to some renovations. But I'm now back on it. Also, I'm ordered another TM kit to replace my AP. In progress as well. Weathering in-progress:
  8. Hey Tony! Looking good. I'll be following along. I'm on the list and hopeful. Cheers.
  9. Welcome, Carlos! GGG here. Looking forward to seeing you around the troops.
  10. Welcome! I'm a graduate of Coppell High School. I still have family in town. I started out in Star Garrison before I moved to SF. Cheers!
  11. Hey. No, that's too small. Take your black paint all the way to the bottom of the downward curve. You can even bleed on to it just a bit. You want to make them big enough to be able to comfortably fit the stripes. If you click on my AP build link below, mine are a bit too small as well. I since have redone them larger.
  12. Hi Alison! I'm also a member of the GGG. Glad to hear you're interested. It's a great, friendly group and there are plenty of people who will help out. The differences between ANH ams ESB are subtle (hand plates, holster, frown color). You can build any of the kits to meet various specs. The RS suit is actually based on an original ANH one.
  13. I mounted mine behind the left pectoral of the chest plate. I made a u-shaped piece of ABS to support it. Clip the amp over the support, industrial velcro the back to the support and then industrial velcro the support feet to the chest plate. Below is a shot of my Snowie chest plate with the support. On my TK the support is rotated 90 degrees so the volume knob is on top. Also, in the shot below I have the RomFX speaker attached. But it gives you an idea of what the support looks like.
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