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  1. Thanks Bobby, You have another MTK set of armor joining the EIB ranks with you!
  2. Best of luck trooper it looks good. While I dont think its necessary for EIB, I would recommend painting your rivets on the ab/kidney. And later on down the road if you look to go for a more screen accurate look try and find some solid domed rivets. It looks really good though!
  3. Haha yeah, no need to paint Hopefully itll be all ready to go soon here, I must say that the new strapping looks much more secure than when I saw it the first time! It looks good!
  4. Best of luck Dominick, I also just got my EIB. Its cool to see us both at this point as a month ago we were still working on stuff at the amor party! If theres anything I can do to help let me know!
  5. Hi there again, I wanted to officially get all my photos over to you and hopefully get passed Since posting my first time I have had the opportunity to have my first troop (no broken parts or anything) and have placed an order for a set of animated clone armor! Here are all the pics you should need, knee plate fixed and the scope should be the correct one as its the one that came in my kit Here you go! Also sorry about the shotty photo job, I took these on the fly in my kitchen! hahaha
  6. Wanted to post here really quick! I had my first troop this past weekend. Spend about 4 or so hours in the armor and not a single problem. No broken parts, no armor bite, or anything else. I am quite happy with how my TK came out!
  7. Ian, As bobby said, I wouldnt atke a whole lot off the back/cap or whatever, as mine is literaly pretty snug. Mine just barely fits on with the mic and fans inside the bucket and I use the twist on method! you can always go back after you got it all together and slowly take a bit of it out at a time in case your head needs more room.
  8. Looking good so far! The biggest help for me was the trooperbay videos mike made and then looking at builds here. There wasnt actually any MTK builds till recently so I looked at ATA builds. Everything is looking good so far! As Bobby said, make sure to use the TD pipe for the curve on the thigh ammo belt thingy. Aswell take a look at some reference shots to get that awesome 45 degree angle on the main ammo belt! Bucket: Everything seems to look good here, it took me a while to figure out how I wanted by brow trim on there, so after you put your rivets in the ear really play with it to be sure that you got it exactly where you want it! I will say that I think you might want to trim a little more of the top corner where the brow line is. While you will not want it to be a 90 degree angle, I think you will need to cut a little more so that the brow trim can properly fit in place. That extra large curve might hinder it.... it might, check it out.
  9. I have been unable to make the changes to the shin and other things, however SCG is having an armor party in a week so I'm hoping to get some help with abs paste!
  10. Thank you very much, I have these photos, I simply must of forgotten to include them. I will get them up once I take care of the sniper knee plate! Thanks As for the armor fit, I have begun working towards getting this addresses, as I started with my left bicep! Its a long process, but I should get it taken care of soon! As for the Kidney plate, I think im nutz, but it seemed to fit much nicer that way than the other way. I will check out the other way and see whats up with it, I might have it upside down. Once again thank you, and I hopefully will get these things for you as soon as I have some free time!
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