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  1. uhmmm .... Very interesting, I'll try your advice, I needed an idea for this. I'm on it, thanks mates!
  2. hola echo, tu familia vive en andujar yo vivo a 15 km de marbella, estamos cerca, haber si hay suerte y nos conocemos en persona,jejeje un saludo desde malaga en este dia soleado de andalucia.
  3. RS is my armor and I am accepted into the 501 spanish garrison, much detail has armor. from my experience I recommend. this is my armor Hope this helps my information (translated by google)
  4. Thanks Glen and thanks Mark for your soul, now I hope the result of centurion, I'm nervous about the result but very encouraged by introducing myself. a greeting from Andalucia.
  5. I promised. changes to the belt, recently finished sewing shop. Now if more real to the movie I think, thanks to everyone for the tips and many thanks for the trust placed in me to be EIB without the belt over. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me have you, I uploaded the mood Now I will try to go for centurion, if I have to have luck. thanks ;)
  6. Thanks friends, so even being in the ranks and will put the picture with the new changes, may serve for future recruits. thank you very much for everything and continue along here helping in any way possible. thanks for all.
  7. thanks phil! this helps me a lot, I get to work! when I have finished I will put a picture to see the changes Thanks again Phill
  8. thank you all for your responses, I feel welcome to this place, I think I have new friends linings of my favorite movie, wow, I love it. greetings to all, thanks.
  9. if it is more realistic to the movie to 7.5 mm rather do the modification, I like to have it as close as possible to the movie if possible Phil. I like that :D
  10. if necessary morning visit to a person who can sew clothes and make changes to 7.5 mm, and so is correct.
  11. I measured is 6.3 mm and the central belt, I think you mean from court to court on the same side, hopefully explained well have told you, my English is bad and is translated by google translator. sorry :)
  12. maybe the picture is bad, I measured and is 8.3 mm, so good? if necessary he makes changes. greetings and thanks for the reply FunkyTrig (Phil) one question, it is true that it is permissible to 9 mm max.? Tomorrow I will change if needed friends, no problem. :duim: :D
  13. Mandatory Information Armor = RS Props Masters Helmet= RS Props Masters Blaster= AHN C.IV Optional Height = 1,72 cm Weight = 85 Kg Boots = Boot creator Canvas belt = RS Propas Masters Hand Plates = RS Propas Masters (latex) Electronics= Aker MR 1505 Neck Seal = Handmade Holster = Handmade
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