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  1. A question came up in my garrison and I didn't have a good answer so here goes... Is having a separate abdomen / cod piece acceptable for EIB and Centurion now? I was looking at the CRL and noticed it did not specify but I seem to remember it saying they needed to be one piece. Then again, I could just be old and losing my mind.
  2. I use bubble-wrap and tuck it inside the bag I use for my armor, haven't had any breakages so far.
  3. I haven't had E6000 do anything adverse to my kit. I've used it on the pvc parts and strapping without anything terrible happening. CA glue on the other hand has wrecked my fingertips and caused me to use many expletives during assembly.
  4. I'm happy to report that no one in the New England Garrison was affected by this insanity. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families.
  5. Thanks all. Coming from this group, the comments mean a lot to me. I think I'm the first Centurion in the New England Garrison, at least that's what I'm being told. Hopefully that inspires some of my peeps to up the ante on their TK's.
  6. I purchased an under suit from http://www.renaissancedancewear.com/stormtrooper.html and have been very pleased. It has a zipper down the front but is concealed under the armour and neck seal.
  7. Thanks so much! I couldn't be happier to join the Centurion ranks, this is the goal I was working toward from the beginning of my time here. Taking time to build it right definitely paid off.
  8. These changes are for approvals going forward from this point correct?
  9. Thanks for the info, passing this along.
  10. Curved scissors, sand paper, and an Exacto is what I used for trimming, the Dremel came out for smoothing some edges but not many. .
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