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  1. Requesting detachment access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16323&costumeID=127
  2. I recently purchased a CFO complete TK and was wondering whats the best method for painting the sole of my boots. I'm all ears.
  3. I have a question about farawaycreations Tk. Have they been removed from the list or am I totally missing something? I came across a set of armour and wanna make sure it's worth the price. Any help would be great. Also sizing are they anh or what?
  4. Thanks Andrew,I was just wanting a rough idea. I couldn't grasp it with the photo reference.
  5. I found a some what of a diagram a few months back on this very topic,but now I can't find it. I didn't have em on my last build,but I'm going for EIB. I just don't wanna mess up. Any insight is welcome. Mods sorry for starting another topic.
  6. Here you go. I just want to get it right the first time.
  7. Ok I a bit confused I've built one TK before but it was TE that's was 09 I think. I was gonna join the 501st but at that time in my life I had to sell it soon after I finished it. Ok onto my question. What placement is right? This is a AM kit. 12 dimples left or right and which inner piece goes with it? The one with the larger curve or the one with slight curve? I've seen it both ways 12 right 12 left. I'm confused. This is my only problem. After this my kit will be done.
  8. You'll make basic approval easy. It looks good man!
  9. My armor ships this week and I'm needing a questioned answered what type of snaps are those in the butt plate?
  10. Congrats welcome to Star! I'm gonna be using this thread when I get my AM armor in. Fingers crossed I won't have that much trimming! I'm 6'5" and 195. I'm dreaming to I know it's gonna be a trimming party at my house.
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