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  1. Hmm, it only says jacket, pants, gloves... What about the Neckseal?
  2. BBB arrived today! Yay! FedEx-man said: big box, but light. I had to open it, get the helmet out and immediately file the teeth and work the eyesockets... FYI it says in the invoice: Duties and Taxes payable by Consignee.
  3. No, it won't have the same effect on the bump as in the pic. I think Paul just meant widening the trimming around the eyes, so the eyesockets do not show a rim against the lenses.
  4. ANH is for me the total package. The armour is so good, even the heroes wear it. From the handguards, over the helmets to the E11, this is the iconic stormtrooper.
  5. I agree. My problem was I owned the MRCE before I even heard of the 501st, then bought me a set of armour, which came incidentally without a lid. It took me some nerve, pain and time to get the helmet up to the standards, but I did it. Even though I got more than enough flak from all those accuracy fanatics. I was even thinking of quitting my build altogether had it not been for some individuals who encouraged me to carry on. And I still do like this helmet. Not only because of all the work I invested, but I like the looks. I like the symmetry, while still being a recognisable Stormtrooper. Look at the poll who is wearing what kind of armour and take in the number of proud members wearing their MRCE/EFX. As you said all of these troopers did all the extra work, so as long as the bucket is acceptale by modification I see no reason to bash on it all the time (this does not mean you personally). At least add "out of the box", because everything else is discriminating exactly the work all these troopers have put in those buckets.
  6. No, MRCE/EFX is made from a Laserscan of an original helmet, so it is not completely selfmade... P.S. I don't see why everyone is always bashing at the MRCE/EFX. Compared to the FX helmets of yore, this is such an increase of accuracy.
  7. I'm more concerned about the lenses. They seem way too light to me and probably will have to be replaced by darker ones to be up to the CRL. Overall there are only some minor tweaks one may have to do to make those helmets work. P.S. My 100th post, yay!
  8. What is so weird abolut the tupestripes? They even replicate the handpainted style and are not the same distance from the cheeks, so every helmet is unique! I expect these inconsistencies when mass producing/painting in Asia, but on the other hand this is very accurate.
  9. Snaps, elastic, punch pliers, riveting pliers. I have to admit I haven't attended an event that lasted for several days yet, without me being able to make bigger repairs at home over night. For 1-day-events this should suffice.
  10. Exactly my thoughts, too. I expect delivery in february to be the earliest dispatch, but it would not even surprise me if it would then take 1-2 months more for tier 1. @All those new to TK-armour-building: Have patience my young Padawa... I mean Troopers to be! We know how you feel, because we felt the same at some point when we were awaiting our first kit. But know this: It will be worth it! ( imagine Jedi/Sith mindtrick gesture)
  11. Guys, are you aware this is the Anovos TK-Armour thread and not the "is Battlefront canon thread"? This thread is partly straying off anyway, but your out of topic discussion about the game being canon or not is from another galaxy. Why not opening another thread about the canon topic? Maybe one of the admins would be so kind and put your comments about it over there? I'm neither trying to offend anyone or being offended myself, but its hard reading if you trying to follow the original topic and it gets hijacked by off-topic discussions. Also, there may be others on this board not interested in the Anovos TK-Armour, but in Battlefront and itrs impact on the StarWars Universe. Therefore a thread of its own would also include more people to partake.
  12. Or alterantively they could have tried them on with tape to see if they would fit, then afterwards trim accordingly and glue them together. I always test fitted my armour parts and measure, measure, measure! Better to measure one time more than simply glue things together.
  13. You might find this helpful with the Snap&Strap approach: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/22177-howto-flat-snap-plates/
  14. This can be really frustrating. There are a heap of skinny trooper threads but threads for big troopers and shimming are rare. Look here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/27439-larger-thigh-armor-the-push-to-centurion/?hl=shim#entry350844 http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16377-thighs-shims-and-cover-strips/?hl=shim http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/8694-show-me-your-shims/?hl=shim#entry112129 What helped me most is I went through the TK-Members and then I PMed a centurion with a bigger stature. Troopers helping troopers at its best.
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