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  1. I know I just posted about Pauldrons in another thread but I'm trying to come up with some things to add to my TK. I have the standard classic trilogy anovos kit and I am not necessarily looking to get enrolled in the 501st with The proper movie accuracy, it's mostly for conventions. <br><br> If you guys can help me out with some ideas of what I can add to the overall appearance. This could include anything from the show rebels or anywhere you would see them wearing anything more such as battlefront or any other games that's a classic TK would be wearing in addition to just the plain armor. I basically just want to spice up the appearance of my trooper a little bit
  2. Awesome thanks much appreciated. Was hoping to find a picture guided tutorial but it does have a decently descriptive list, hopefully I'll be able to work with that
  3. Anyone have a good guide for making a pauldron? I know I can easily buy one but I wanna take on a project of making it myself
  4. Of course without the bucket. I just want to know if there is someway to do it for just one night. I won't get comfortable doing it I just want to know if it's possible
  5. So Halloween is coming up as we all know, I am going to be wearing my TK armor this year. Halloween weekend I have local places I can walk to, however I am in a band and we have a show that Monday, actual Halloween. So there will be commuting and driving, I'm wondering if there's any possible way for me to be able to drive so I don't have to change when I get there? Or a good course of action. I have to wear this because wearing it while playing a show sounds too good and too fun
  6. Cool I'll give it a go. I don't need it pressed down too drastically just enough so it doesn't stick out
  7. Would a hairdryer have enough power? I'm a little intimidated by a heat gun and melting the plastic
  8. I am currently fitting my clamshell and as you can see in the circled areas the buttplate is way too wide. Two options come to mind I can either heat it or use straps to hold those sides more in. Any suggestions and if heating is a good idea would hair dryer work? The belt goes right above it so that does not help it stay down due to my height and proportion
  9. I did forget you made this list before I posted my last request. You suggest to replace some elastic with nylon is a reason for this?
  10. Can anyone point out to me as far as where I use elastic and where I use nylon webbing?
  11. Awesome I appreciate the response helps me a bunch
  12. So I'm doing snap approach and was wondering if anyone can link me to a nice list of all the straps that are needed. I got ANOVOS kit but I'm not entirely sure what included I'll be using and what I need to get and the measurements of them all. Width of black and white elastic and for which parts they go for, nylon straps, etc... I know everything should be here but I can't seem to find everything I'm looking for in one place. Any help would be nice
  13. Oh yeah I already did that sorry I didn't include that in my post. I'm just concerned about the actual snaps right now I think I'm actually going to run out and grab a whole set of new snaps and replace anything that this kit came with. I just want to make sure I get correct ones or the correct size
  14. So I had a mishap when I was installing snaps for the belt on the ab plate. I didn't realize that two of the snaps were different than the other seven that came with this kit. So I put on one of the other ones first and realized it would not snap to the belt and then tried to remove that one to replace with the other one. I used a drill bit because I was pretty sure that's how you removed snaps. And this happened. The heat of the drill melted it like crazy. I'm not too concerned about the damage because I'm making abs paste right now but I was wondering how can I determine exactly what snap these are so I can get the correct ones from the store? Specifically to make sure they will snap correctly with the ones installed on the belt already
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