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  1. POST 90 All events are 70th Explorers Garrison, Firehawk Squad 2019-10-04 Forest View Carnival, Photo by Lianne Marie 1. 2019-10- 27 Shoal Creek Trunk-Or-Treat, Photo by Shelly Boone 2. 2019-12-14 Shadow Buddies Flight, Photo by Chuck Mason 3. 2019-12-21 Candy Coated Christmas, Photo by Chuck Mason 4. 2020-02-23 KC Comets Mascot Game, Photographer Unknown 5. 2021-05-01 Elite Comics Presents Heroes Return, Photo by Kyle Ray 6.
  2. Troop 030 -- 2021/08/20 - 2021/08/22 -- Planet Comicon KC in Kansas City, MO
  3. Troop 029 -- 2021/08/15 -- KC Superhero Heart Run in Kansas City, MO
  4. Troop 028 -- 2021/05/04 -- MTFBWY - ANH Fun Flicks at The J in Leawood, KS
  5. Troop 027 -- 2021/05/01 -- Elite Comics Heroes Return Con in Overland Park, KS
  6. Troop 026 -- 2021/04/30 -- Ride For Teddy in Lee's Summit, MO
  7. Again had the pleasure of working on a short film with a group of passionate and talented friends here in Kansas City. This one is for younger audiences and has a positive message. Give it a watch if you have time and please consider sharing if you enjoy it. We hope to create more of these in the near future... https://youtu.be/551V45WXqdE
  8. With my original goal for 2020 to hit 50 troops, wasn't even sure I'd get to 25 this year but... ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Proud to be FISD.
  9. Troop 025 -- 2020/10/30 -- Shadow Buddies Fall Festival, Riverside, MO
  10. Troop 024 -- 2020/10/24 -- Peyton's Pals Parade, Shawnee, KS
  11. Troop 023 -- 2020/10/18 -- Outrinnin' Cancer Birthday Parade, Blue Springs, MO
  12. Spent last weekend filming for a short. Was hot. Needed shade. Figured a little photoshop was needed.
  13. Thermal Detonator: Speaking of the TD, I failed to provide details on how I created the hangers. As previously noted, I plan to make some changes to improve the fit and prevent movement but needed to see how everything fits before making final adjustments. The hangers are ABS strips, bent with a heat gun.
  14. Unfortunately, I had issues with the TD as well. Essentially had to rebuild it using the original parts as the base. Hopefully 850 updates that part for future builders.
  15. My first trial fitting. I don't have a photographer so please excuse poor photos. QUESTION: Any feedback on this fit? What did I do wrong?
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