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  1. Spent last weekend filming for a short. Was hot. Needed shade. Figured a little photoshop was needed.
  2. Thermal Detonator: Speaking of the TD, I failed to provide details on how I created the hangers. As previously noted, I plan to make some changes to improve the fit and prevent movement but needed to see how everything fits before making final adjustments. The hangers are ABS strips, bent with a heat gun.
  3. Unfortunately, I had issues with the TD as well. Essentially had to rebuild it using the original parts as the base. Hopefully 850 updates that part for future builders.
  4. My first trial fitting. I don't have a photographer so please excuse poor photos. QUESTION: Any feedback on this fit? What did I do wrong?
  5. Torso with strapping, Posterior, Codpiece and Thermal Detonator attached. I will probably add additional support for the TD but need to finish trimming it to fit.
  6. Codpiece: For those with an OTTK, you know the discomfort having a "fixed" Codpiece. So I opted for a "floating" Codpiece here. First, I created a support system at the base of the Torso using nylon webbing. Snap on the back will connect to the Codpiece and allow it to float. Will probably add a few snaps to the front later to help keep the belt in place.
  7. Posterior: I will be attaching the Posterior with snaps and nylon webbing. I prepped the straps with Line 24 snaps leaving some extra material. I then temporarily attached the Posterior with blue tape for positioning. Once I was happy with the look, I attached the straps with CA. I will probably trim the tabs a bit to prevent any binding.
  8. Torso Strapping: There are many solutions to fit the armor. Based on my experience with my OTTK, I am comfortable with using nylon webbing and elastic. I'm adding a few quick disconnects at the shoulders for adjusting the hang height. Not really sure what the optimal fit is so those should be helpful. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, which is a frequent offense of mine, is there are reason why all the kits have a split back? This kit is designed with side seams and a solid back. I had originally planned to cut a seam as I have seen on many other kits. But that would introduce a point of weakness. I can "step into" the torso and simply pull it up, eliminating the need for a seam. I will need a handler to help snap on the thighs and shins... but I'd probably need one anyway for the back/chest. QUESTION: Am I overlooking something obvious? Torso straps attached with CA. Will criss-cross the back straps.
  9. Belt Boxes: Finished up the last of the boxes. The cast-in Chicago Screws should allow for a good connection to the belt. Will probably use a piece of 1/8" ABS as a mounting point for some elastic cord that will connect to the belt. I've heard from JAFO that these get banged around a bit and he recommended a similar solution. I'm really impressed with these models from Empire3D. If you are looking to replace the boxes in your kit with ones that are more accurate, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended.
  10. I don’t like PLA. I make props so I have the supplies available to make castings in the material of my preference. Like I said, I left the watermarks in so it would be impossible for me to get away with anything shady. I’m being open and honest and my build illustrates that. I do agree that some, perhaps even many, people are unethical. That is a shame but if you knew me personally you would know I would never sell anything based on someone else’s work without permission and without compensation. My reputation is worth more than the few bucks I could make selling these. So rest assured, you’ll not see these on anyone else’s kit. Since you bring it up, should anyone ever express any interest, YOU would have the final say in that. Period. And you would get set the amount of compensation you wanted for each sale. But that assumes there would be interest and frankly, I assume I am the only one who prefers the heavier resin over PLA.
  11. I purchased the files. I left the watermark in the print to ensure people knew where I obtained the models. I haven’t offered to sell my castings to anyone. Not sure I understand your concern.
  12. Belt Boxes: Finished the mold for the pouch cover and cast with resin. After painting to match the armor, will use velcro to attach to the pouch I acquired from Trooperbay.
  13. Belt Boxes: After letting the resin cure, I test fit the front boxes. I think these should work nicely. Here are a few pics to illustrate the components...
  14. Small update for today. Belt Boxes: Got the molds for the front boxes finished and cast the parts. Reasonably happy with these. I cast Chicago screws into the white pieces so they there will be a strong mechanical connection through the black spacers and into the belt.
  15. Trying to make some progress on my kit. Belt Boxes: As previously noted, the boxes that ship with the kit are mostly incorrect. The large pouch and front boxes are passable but the other 2 smaller ones are simply unacceptable. I printed these black boxes from files obtained from 3D Empire. As I do not like PLA as a prop material, I will be molding and casting these masters using a semi-rigid resin. Possibly heavier but will be much more durable. During prep, I added some hardware that will make attaching to the belt easier I think.
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