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  1. Troop 020 -- 2020/02/23 -- Kansas City Comets Mascot Game in Independence, MO
  2. Troop 019 -- 2020/02/15 -- L.L.S. Auction Troop in Kansas City North, MO
  3. Congratulations and thank you for volunteering to serve.
  4. I recommend Imperial Boots. I have the OTTK and FOTK versions and they are excellent. https://www.imperialboots.com/product/trooper/
  5. Forearm Rail: As previously noted, I wasn't happy with the included resin rail. Modeled a replacement and 3D printed. I don't feel PLA is a resilient material for trooping so I molded this and will be casting using semi-rigid resin. I included the original kit rail for comparison.
  6. EXTRA EXTRA: The Sith Tones new LP tops the Imperial Billboard Hot 100...
  7. The January 2020 edition of The Tatooinian is now available at Imperial Newsstands throughout the Galaxy...
  8. In addition to subtle weathering, something you might consider is applying various shades and sheens of paint. This can make the prop look more realistic when the individual components work together. Using real fasteners can also add realism to the prop. For my resin build I used a variety of techniques and paints.
  9. Thank you for the feedback, I was thinking same. Will address this once I get the chest/yoke assembled for comparison against reference.
  10. Shoulder Bell Modification: As previously noted, the Shoulder Bells in this kit have the lower bells molded in. After removing the faux lower bells, I cut 1.5mm ABS as replacements using the basic shape I’ve seen in other build threads. Using a heat gun, I bent these to roughly match the Shoulder Bells and then affixed with CA glue. Unsure if I should trim further or lease as-is.
  11. Similar to the forearms, I'd like to have sharper edges on the Torso boxes. I previously asked about accurate size but after some consideration, I decided I'd just build to whatever size was required to cover the existing bumps. I don't want to compromise the strength of the Torso by removing the existing bumps. Torso boxes: Using ABS sheet, I constructed shells that would sit over the existing bumps. These seem to have a flat area that intersect the angled one on the bottom edge. From reference pictures, seems two boxes have recessed details so I tried to replicate those as best I could. I affixed with CA glue but these do not fit perfectly over the bumps. Have some concern that they will break off without a good bond so I drilled holes in the back and filled with more CA glue and accelerant. Some filler eliminates the gaps against the Torso. The size and spacing isn't 100% accurate as I decided to use the existing bumps as mounting points. But I think the look is much improved.
  12. Finally recovering from the Holidays and getting back to this build. Hoping to receive my gaskets this month so I can start fitting parts. In the meantime, I continue with some visual modifications. Unsure of “accurate” measurements here but as I have to fit to the existing armor, I employed some artistic liberties. Forearms Modification: The forearm box edges are quite soft. This is typical with vacuforming so not a complaint against the kit, but I’d like sharper edges. Also, the recess seems too small. I built (2) boxes from ABS sheet. To create the recess, I cut out a square hole in the top layer and backed with another sheet. I also created a smaller recess on the front side. The scribe lines were also quite soft vs. the reference pics so I cut these out using a vinyl stencil. These will get backed by ABS sheet after I get the new rail molded and cast. Question: The thin scribes are white but some reference pics show the thick scribe black while on one arm while the other is white. Is that accurate or a variance from normal?
  13. The December 2019 edition of The Tatooinian is now available at Imperial Newsstands throughout the Galaxy...
  14. Troop 018 -- 2019/12/21 -- Rise Of Skywalker Kubota Screening in Olathe, KS
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